happy thursday

Today was my last day with the toddler for a while. She was extra good this week… which meant we were due for some meltdowns. Including screaming her lungs out (not in a good way) while we were on the trail this morning. But at least she looked cute doing it. 😉

I would love that shirt and those shorts. I often ask her if I can borrow her clothes, she says no. Understandably.

Today’s run was an easy one: 5 min blue, 20 min green, 5 min blue.

The thick gray line is my heart rate. That deep valley in the green was when we spotted some deer on the trail and watched them for a minute. Later, when the toddler was so upset and screaming, I managed to calm her by telling her that she was scaring all the deer away. But then she got upset again when I couldn’t magically make more deer appear for her.

We enjoyed some time on the swings after the run. Aren’t her curls great? 🙂

As soon as I got home, I knocked out my strength training. These were two of my favorite moves from the sesh:

This is a good one, stretches the outer hips nicely. And yes, I was listening to My Humps by BEP.

For those lacking in physical grace and general balance, this one might be tough. I had to really take my time.

After my workout, B-lover surprised me with a date night.

Noodles & Co.! I love Izze sodas. The sparkling peach got me excited for the South Carolina peaches that I will be enjoying alllllll summer long. 🙂

What date is complete without a dessert?

Dark chocolate almond cluster for him, rocky road cluster for her. Plus four more goodies in the bag. 😉

We’ve gotten into a new show lately, The Killing. We’re nearly done with season 2 and still don’t know who killed Rosie Larsen. So we’re off to find out some more about this killing…

Happy Running Day

Today is National Running Day!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) today was a rest day for me. But lots of other people out there are celebrating it, including one of my favorite companies, BIC Bands. They’re offering free standard 1st class shipping all day today with the code Run12. The Skinny Sparkle White and Minnie Sparkle Silver are in regular rotation for me. I love these headbands because they actually stay in place and don’t break my hair. I was using lululemon’s slipless headband for a while but found that it was breaking my hair around my face resulting in the lion mane.

Even though I didn’t officially work out today, the toddler and I still enjoyed a 2 mile stroll around the neighborhood. She was extra charming and struck up a conversation with the garbage men, making sure they were holding on tight as they rode on the back of the truck.We walked through the greenway since the park was wet today and she decided she wanted to push her own stroller. I did not coerce her into it, promise. She even ran most of the way home! (And still wouldn’t go down easily for a nap.)

But before we went for our walk, we wrote a letter to Mickey Mouse like Anna did with her kids that she’s nannying. I also painted the toddler’s nails. Miraculously, we did not end up with pink paint on either of our clothes. I even had time to do a coat of glitter, or sprinkles as she called them.

And if you’re wondering how to paint a toddler’s toenails, this is it. Vice grip one foot between your legs and hold onto the other foot for dear life while saying “don’t move” at least a million times while simultaneously reminding her not to scrape off the freshly painted layer on her fingers.

I’ll leave you with this little anecdote…

As I was changing her diaper, she asked me if I had any booboos. I said no, because I don’t right now, and asked her if she did. She said she did and I asked her where. She put her hands over her chest and said they were little booboos right now but when she got bigger she would have bigger booboos, too (implying that I do).

Well, you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

chia puddin

Today’s workout included a 30 min run and a strength/flexibility sesh. I took advantage of the aMAHzing weather this morning and got the toddler out the door by 9:00 for the run: 10 min blue (think 3 out of 10 effort), 10 min yellow (think 7 out of 10 effort), 10 min blue while pushing the toddler in her stroller. It was difficult to maintain a slow enough speed to stay in the blue zone and I got worn out fast during the yellow. …my score also sucked again today because somehow I managed to pause the app for the last 10 minutes so it didn’t record properly. My bad. I guess that’s what I get for carrying/wearing my phone in my bra. Sorry, Reggie.

I fueled up for my run with some homemade chocolate chia pudding!

I put 2 tbsp of chia seeds in a small container with about 2-3 ozs of chocolate almond milk and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Yum! If you like chocolate almond milk and don’t hate rice pudding, you’ll probably love this! So much nutrition packed into the wee snack! (Check out this article about chia seeds so I don’t have to get into it with you right now.)

Even though we played outside for over an hour, the toddler still had loads of energy when we got home, so this is what went on…

I got motion sickness swinging too high on the swings at the park, I think I’d loose my cookies if I spun around even half as much as she did. But twirly skirts are hard to resist. 😉

When I got home, I chillaxed for a bit, working on my next painting project before I got going on the strength/flexibility session. Did I mention I love this app? I think it’s also worth mentioning that it’s not just for the iPhone. If you have an ipod touch, android, or blackberry, you can get your GTL on, too.

No heavy lifting today, just resistance with bands since I don’t have the cable machine in my home. And lots of squats, like my favorite one here, the sumo:

As you can see, this one got my heart rate up (it stayed around 95 bpm for most of the resistance exercises).

And then there was this move. Not awkward at all…If you’ve done P90X, you’ll sort of recognize this stretch. I do really appreciate that there are stretches in the midst of the exercises.

I’ve stayed up way too late talking about myself, so that’s it. Good night folks!

in review

This last week was filled with friends, fun, and amazing weather!

On Friday we celebrated our friends’ baby’s first birthday. She is just the cutest thing EVER. Honestly, there’s no point in me having children if they’re not going to be this cute. This is one of my favorite pictures with her. She had a major freak out when we all (8 of us, 4 of whom were her family) softly sang happy birthday while looking at her. So she only let me cuddle her for a little bit like this. But it was presh.

I’m babysitting again for 2 weeks for the toddler. She’s hilarious as always. And her English is getting better.

When I went to get her out of bed the first morning, I noticed Henrietta (you may remember her as Yeyah) had spawned an offspring. Later that day we watched a few baby hippo videos on youtube. So naturally we watched a few baby sloth videos next. She laughed so hard at this one.





I also nearly-completed a few more paintings. All that’s left is adding some love.

The weather has been lovely. Hot and humid with rain and storms. My zucchini is threatening to take over the planter.

The return of warm weather also means walks to YoPop. Yum. I’m also really digging this nail polish. It makes me look “tan” and stays on for so long!

A few other highlights include running lots (almost 30 miles in the last 2 weeks… huge for me!) and using coconut oil for many things other than cooking. 🙂


bones and paws

I try to take as many opportunities as I can to help the toddler learn about real life. Over the last few weeks, when I’m getting her ready in the morning, she pokes her ribs and tells me she has bones and asks if I have bones. And if Yeyeah has bones. And we talk about body parts (but I have steered our conversations away from the bathing suit area thus far). She wanted to bring all of her lovies downstairs today. So, trying to avoid a tragic accident, I had her throw the soft ones down to me and carry one. The one she carried was this Elmo. [How does this furry red guy make kids so happy?] I told her he does have bones so we weren’t going to throw him.

This morning she lined up all of her lovies on the table as I made breakfast (or brefkist as I now call it). As she ate her bubuhrries and gogurt (blueberries and yogurt) she pointed at her teddy bear and said she was tickling his hand.

Enter said lesson:
Toddler: I touched teddy bear’s hand.
Becca: That’s called a paw. Humans have hands. Bears, dogs, and cats have paws.
T: *blank stare*
B: Boys and girls have hands with thumbs and fingers. Doggies and
kittens have paws.
T: Pahs?
B: Paws.
T: Yeyeah has pahs?
B: Um, not really. She’s just… Kind of…
T: Squishy.
B: Yep, she’s squishy.

The toddler didn’t miss a beat. I got a good chuckle out of it. I also had a good chuckle at lunch (but had to hide it) as she tried to ask me a question with her mouth full of ritz crackers and peanut butter. I had to cover my face because of the projectile food and because I was laughing. I’m working with her on not talking with her mouth full and not dancing on her chair while eating. And not stomping on whatever is on the ground. And not eating things that aren’t food or have been on the ground including but not limited to wood chips at the park, an old goldfish from under the fridge, boogers, play-doh, and old cheese on the carpet. One thing at a time.

conversing with the toddler

I went into the den to check on the toddler and walked smack into a wall of stink.

Me: “Phew! What is that smell?”
the toddler: “Don’t know.”
Me: “Did you poop?”
the toddler: “no, Yeyeah did.”
Me: “Are you sure that wasn’t you who pooped?”
the toddler: “No. Yeyeah tried to.”
Me: “I don’t think Henrietta has that orifice.”
the toddler: “Yeah! Yeyeah has oof!”

Yeyeah is how she pronounces Henrietta. It took me a while to figure out what she was saying the first day I met Henrietta. This is Henrietta:

All I could do was chuckle. And find the nearest pile of diapers.

more fun with the toddler

And now for a little game I like to play called What’s In the Fridge Today?

I suppose when you’re 2 feet tall and can finally open doors, putting things on a shelf in the fridge is a fun game.


Ok, so…

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks. I’ve worked every day since the 6th and it just hit me that I won’t get a day off until the 22nd. Literally. But I’ve actually really enjoyed the last week and a half. I’ve been babysitting for the toddler and we had our AIA Winter Retreat over the weekend. I love all three of my jobs. 🙂 It also just hit me that I have three jobs. How come I still can’t afford the iPad? 😉

A few weeks ago my bro came to hang out with us. We went to YoPop (per usual) and he got one of every flavor. And ate it all.

The next day we hung out with our AIA buddies and watched the Super Bowl. You probably could guess that I didn’t give a flying flip about the football. Just the commercials. And the baby. I just want to squeeze her!


Confession: I’ve been watching a lot of Gossip Girl. It’s so bad. But so good. I just love the fashion. And how come our uniforms were actually uniforms and they just wear whatever the heck they want to school?

Anyway, hanging out with the toddler has been fun. Especially the outfits.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Why didn’t I ever think to eat with a fork in one had and a spoon in the other? It makes eating yogurt and macaroni & cheese so much easier.

I’ve also been jogging to the park with the toddler. Somehow she knows when I take the long way there. And at some point she inevitably picks up crap and throws it. (Not literal crap. I’m a better babysitter than that.) After this photo I had to comb through her curls to dig out the pieces. And still found some on the couch later.

Ah, don’t you love those curls?

I was way more excited about Valentine’s day this year than I have been since 3rd grade. I’m not sure why. I just wanted to make fun treats and paint my nails red. So the toddler and I made some pink cookie sandwiches and some rice krispies treats.







The word “treats” is always spoken by the toddler in a reverent whisper. I learned last week that her dad gives her a “special treat” on Sundays to keep her quiet during church. I tried to ask her questions about it to figure out what it was. All she said was it’s sticky. Turns out it’s a ring pop.

I painted her nails yesterday. She loved it. I was shocked that she sat still long enough to let them dry. And to take this picture.

I had a pretty good Valentine’s day myself. 🙂 B-money perused my Pinterest and got me a ring I pinned.

Love it! We’re going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I’m looking forward to him being able to drive and to having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 🙂