Re-Post, for your entertainment

I originally posted this over 3 years ago. But I can remember it like it was yesterday. Also, take note, this is pre-Norwex. 🙂


Don’t put your Shamwow in the dryer.  How do I know this?  Where do I begin…

It all started a few years ago when I realized Brian’s thing is  reading instructions.  Just like Ross’s thing is divorcing and Chandler’s thing is being funny, Brian’s thing is reading the instructions for any new device.  Or in this case, any new towel.  I should also mention that my thing is typically destruction.  I spill, drop, tear, or break things on a regular basis.

Now, when you combine these two truths about us, you have the potential for a cosmic explosion.  And an explosion we had!

Over the weekend while we were babysitting for the girls who live upstairs, Brian (not me!) spilled my full glass of water on the carpet and partially under the sofa.  Rather than going through countless paper towels, I asked Brian to run downstairs and get our Shamwow.  Worked like a charm.  A few days ago I was working at my table and spilled my cup of water (which had a lid on it but I still somehow managed to spill the whole thing).  Naturally, I reached for the Shamwow.  After drying the table, carpet, and remote (and part of the bunny who was sleeping under said table), naturally I threw it in the dryer.

This is where it gets good.  Later that day, we were in the car on the way to pick up a movie for our date night and I shared the anecdote about my spillage and use of the Shamwow… and my use of the dryer.  I think I’ll switch to script format here.

Brian: YOU WHAT!?

Becca: I put the Shamwow in the dryer. WHAT? WHY!?

Brian: [devilish smile and loud booming voice] AH HA!  I KNEW you would break the Shamwow!  You’re not supposed to do that!  You didn’t read the instructions did you!?

Becca: [arms crossed, scowled eyebrows] You foiled me on purpose!  You threw the instructions away before I could read them!  You intentionally set me up for this!

Brian: [still has a devilish look on his face] I didn’t throw them away!  Didn’t you see them under the sink stuck between the box of Brita filters and garbage bags!?

Becca: [finger wagging and pointing] You DID do this on purpose!  We’re supposed to be a team!  I can’t believe this!  Look at you, you’re so happy!!!

Brian: [fist pumps] Well maybe next time you should read the instructions!

Becca: [arms crossed again, looking out the window]  They should put it in the commercial.  I pay attention to commercials and the commercial says you just throw it in the wash when it’s dirty!  So… I assumed it meant the wash and dry cycle.  …No wonder it looks funny now.

Brian: [Becca and Brian get out of their car, walk towards the door of the video store]  Ha ha.  Now you can’t make fun of me for reading the instructions any more!  And you have to blog about this!…

[Becca and Brian open the store door and cross the threshold; Becca gives the hand slide across the throat indicating he should shut up or die.]

Becca: What should we rent?

*Side note, we purchased a new set of Shamwows at WalMart tonight.

let’s do this

Every time I press ‘start’ in my micoach app, Reggie Bush says, “Let’s do this.” So now I find myself thinking it at the most random times. Getting ready to cook dinner, changing the sheets on the bed, trying something new…

This week I picked up some coconut water in attempt to try other ways of hydrating after a run rather than Gatorade. (No hate-or-ade here, just wanted to mix it up.) It was meh. I didn’t love coconut water the two times I tried it straight from the nut. [TWSS] So I shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t want more than a few sips. But I heard there is a dark chocolate flavor so… I’ll be trying that.

Today’s “Let’s do this” moment came when I finally decided to buy the first Harry Potter book and start the wild ride, contributing to Rowling’s $10/second earnings. That’s right, I managed to make it this far in life without reading anything by J.K. Rowling. But I’ve seen the first couple of movies and played through Lego Harry Potter on the Wii, so I kind of know what to expect. Kind of.

I’m already over 50% through it and I’m wishing I hadn’t seen the movies. You know how you might picture things a certain way as you’re reading, but then you see a movie and those faces and buildings and scenery are stuck in your mind’s eye? Yeah. Not my fave.

I think I was expecting more adventure from the get-go, so I was a little surprised that I was nearly half-way through the book before Harry even got to Hogwarts.

I decided to read the series on my Kindle rather than borrowing or purchasing hard copies because I have a few trips coming up and the Kin-kin is way easier to travel with. Another reason I chose the Kindle is for the dictionary feature. Yes, I still have to look up words in a young-adults fiction book, but I also like to look up the names of various characters. I started doing this while reading The Hunger Games trilogy and Suzanne Collins’ other series, Gregor the Overlander. Collins is brilliant. It was like finding Easter eggs as I went on these adventures with Gregor and Katniss! E.g. in The Mockingjay, Katniss meets a pair of twins named Castor and Pollux, the names of the twin stars in the Gemini constellation. Side note, twins in Spanish is gemelos, in French is jumeaux, and in Portuguese is gêmeos. Bam. A little classical education for you.

Today, I had a few chuckles as I read some of the characters’ names in the Sorcerer’s Stone. Some were obvious like Emeric Switch who authored A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration and Phyllida Spore who authored One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi. With the help of the dictionary I saw the humor in the name Sirius Black: Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky.

And now I’m rambling. Anyway, if you have a Kindle and are reading a fictional novel (other than the Bourne series), check out the names of some of the characters. If the author is worth her weight, there’s probably a story behind those names.

we’re through, Pandora.

I about had it out with Pandora today. She keeps doing this thing where she cuts out a song right in the middle to go to a commercial. Ok, that’s fine, if it’s a song I don’t like. I don’t pay for it, so there have to be ads.

But today I had this in front of me:

So I was pumping my jam while folding laundry. Really, what else can one enjoy while folding laundry? (If you have other ideas, do tell.)

Here’s my jam. (Previously thumbs-up’d so it would ideally play more often.) She finally got to it after about 10 back-to-back Pit Bull and Usher songs. She dangled it in front of me and then BAM! Commercial. Didn’t even get to the bridge… Before you came into my life I missed you so bad. (Such good logic.)

I got mad and yelled at her (waking the bunny) and told her we’re through. Then she responded with this:

Really Pandora? Trying to butter me up with your wily devices?


We’re not broken up anymore.


Today has been a blah-feeling sort of day. It took a while for me to get my butt moving and go for a run this morning. I used Lola as an excuse for a while, letting her out to play for an hour. She was being extra cute. She even tried to escape and ended up jumping into a big box and startling herself. I had a good laugh.

She often gives me this look, like she’s waiting for me to bring her a dried apricot or banana (her favorite treats) and/or bring her Bribri so she can do the love dance around his feet. I often respond by reminding her that I own her and her box that she lives in.

But she just did a lot of this after she realized she couldn’t escape the den.

And I imagine this is what she was thinking.

Anyway, I eventually got my butt in gear and went out for an easy 30 minute run: 5 min blue, 20 min green, 5 min blue. About 7 minutes into it, at the bottom of the giant hill, I was hit with a wall of mist. It kind of unnerved me at first (thank you Hunger Games), but it also felt nice (once I realized it wasn’t coming from a living being nor poisonous), like running through the mist machines at Coke World. It did that a few more times on my run, but never actually rained on me. Good thing, too, because there’s no way I could sprint back up that hill and make it to safety before my iPhone got destroyed by a downpour.

There is an intersection along the route that I ran today and I always choose a different way to go. Well, being in the funk that I was, I still hadn’t decided which way I wanted to run (it’s a giant loop, so really it doesn’t matter) when I arrived. But then I saw something run by and I had to follow to make sure I actually saw what I thought I saw.

It took me a few minutes to catch up while maintaining my green zone so I really wasn’t sure what I saw. Yup! It was a gray-haired lady running! (Yes, I’m creepy, but I had to take a quick pic for proof.) I was so impressed and inspired, it made it worth the run today!

And, as you can see, my heart rate monitor flat-lined me again! I don’t think the hr monitor reconnected after I paused the app to take the picture… I’m going to email Adidas about this. And I actually expect a prompt and helpful response. Brimuscle has had great experiences with their tech support over the past couple of years so I’m not too worried.

When I was headed home and back up the hill, this nice girl ran by me, headed up the hill too. At this point I was just jogging, not necessarily trying to get home quickly. But she was going faster and made it look easy. So I thought I’d try to keep pace with her. Oh boy. She was running a sub-9:30 min/mile UP the hill. I’m doing good when I keep it around 12:00. I made it about half way before I thought I was going to pass out. It was fun, though, being secretly competitive. And when I got to the straight-away where the road leveled out, I booked it (she was long gone at this point).

See that 6:13? That’s how fast I was running. Sub 7:00min/mile! Granted it was only for about 30 seconds. And see that 185? That was my heart rate. Pretty sure it was a few beats away from exploding. It’s surprising how I can maintain a 179-180 bpm, but jumping to 183-185 bmp is killer. (Definitely hyperbolically, probably literally.)

You know what is a self-esteem booster? When you walk in the door from running and your husband asks if it was raining. Nope.

in review

This last week was filled with friends, fun, and amazing weather!

On Friday we celebrated our friends’ baby’s first birthday. She is just the cutest thing EVER. Honestly, there’s no point in me having children if they’re not going to be this cute. This is one of my favorite pictures with her. She had a major freak out when we all (8 of us, 4 of whom were her family) softly sang happy birthday while looking at her. So she only let me cuddle her for a little bit like this. But it was presh.

I’m babysitting again for 2 weeks for the toddler. She’s hilarious as always. And her English is getting better.

When I went to get her out of bed the first morning, I noticed Henrietta (you may remember her as Yeyah) had spawned an offspring. Later that day we watched a few baby hippo videos on youtube. So naturally we watched a few baby sloth videos next. She laughed so hard at this one.





I also nearly-completed a few more paintings. All that’s left is adding some love.

The weather has been lovely. Hot and humid with rain and storms. My zucchini is threatening to take over the planter.

The return of warm weather also means walks to YoPop. Yum. I’m also really digging this nail polish. It makes me look “tan” and stays on for so long!

A few other highlights include running lots (almost 30 miles in the last 2 weeks… huge for me!) and using coconut oil for many things other than cooking. 🙂


my thoughts on Peeta *SPOILER ALERT*

I’m going to give you my opinions on Peeta Mellark here (which, btw, have changed drastically) so if you haven’t finished the Hunger Games trilogy, stop reading this. Go read the books. (B-money, that especially means you.) (Seriously, babe, stop reading.)

I read the Hunger Games series a couple of years ago after a friend recommended it (I believe it was required reading for some of her students in her WA school). At first, as I started reading, I hated it. But I couldn’t put it down. And about halfway through the first book I was hooked. Something about the first person perspective threw me off and I didn’t want to vicariously experience the unfairness that Katniss and her district had to suffer through.

Since the movie came out, I’ve made the most of our many 4+ hour road trips and have been reading them out loud to Brian; we’ve just finished Catching Fire and will finish Mockingjay before we reach home next week. After seeing the movie and as I’ve been reading them again, my opinions (and mental pictures) have changed.

I really do. When I finished the final book and learned that Katniss ends up with Peeta, I felt gipped. I felt like it was a cheap, safe, cushioned way to end the books. But as I’ve read the books again knowing the ending, I love seeing how much Peeta loves Katniss (which makes the majority of Mockingjay that much more unbearable). I love that he loves her first. I love that he gives of himself unconditionally.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a tall, dark, handsome type like Gale. And the natural contrast of that (for me, anyway) is small, pale, and sheepish (enter Peeta, take 1). But as I am reading through each scenario again (take 2) and am realizing Peeta is bigger and stronger than I pictured, I am falling more in love with the idea of him. She looks up at him, reaches up to hug and kiss him, he carries her physically and emotionally. He is what we all want (maybe we = women): someone that comes after us, loves us regardless, carries our burdens, someone that is crazy in love with us and would fight to the death for us.

And someone that can bake a mean cupcake. No? Just me?

While I don’t love that they cast Josh Hutcherson as Peeta (too small, in stature and thickness/strength/stoutness), I think he did a decent job of portraying the emotional strength and love for Katniss. But I won’t get into my thoughts on the movie… whole other post.

If you’ve only read through the books once, I’d recommend giving them a second go. Especially knowing what you know.

So I guess I’m Team Peeta.

the day i ran 4 miles on purpose

I never thought I would get to this point in my life.

Do you remember back in September when I accidentally ran 4.5 miles?

I’m kind of proud to say that, today, I ran 4 miles on purpose. I was following my coach‘s instructions (it’s Reggie Bush, in case you were wondering), then the scheduled run was finished and I was still a little under a mile from home. So after a brief cool down, I picked up the pace again and headed home and just kept running.

There’s this big hill by our apartment and I swear, somehow I run uphill both ways coming and going. But seriously, the entire way home from the end of my scheduled run was up the giant hill. Exhibit A:

The first valley in the purple is heading down the big hill, then up another and into the golf course that I ran around. The squiggly line is supposed to be my speed… looks like I need to work on consistency. Anyway, at the 30:00 mark, Reggie announced that I was done. I was heading back towards the big hill, but decided to jog as far as I could and head for home. Some how, I made it halfway up, then all the way up, then past my usual turn and just kept running. And I think I could’ve kept running but I felt like I shouldn’t push my luck. Plus, once the heavy stiffness was worked out of my legs, I actually enjoyed it! Bah!

As for this elusive “runner’s high” that I’ve heard so much about, can someone please tell me where to find that? Does it come after the dry heaves but before the heart failure? And what does it feel like? Like you just don’t care about the pain? Or is it more like numbness so you just keep going?

Anyway, I made it home and up the stairs and my legs didn’t feel too much like jello. Although my face definitely matched my jacket.

I made sure to stretch as I was drinking my recovery drink. And I’ll probably do more later. I am finding that the days that I work really hard, I feel really gross and get a bad headache within 4-5 hours. So I’m trying to be better about refueling and stretching… Does anyone else deal with that? Just me?

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambles. 🙂

It’s Friday and I’ll probably go to bed at 8:30.


It’s been a crazy week. Lots of early mornings. Most before 5:30, one before 5:00. Lots of toddler-related things. Including finding the Toddler Pandora station. Love it.

I really like these foam building blocks because they don’t do much damage when they inevitably end up being thrown 90 mph and don’t hurt when you step on them. But to get them all back in their bag you have to have an engineering degree from MIT. No joke.

(It’s a little sad when a 2.5-year-old can almost wear your shoes.)

Everything is wet. Face, nose, hands, feet, neck. Best surprise: when you get a wet high 5.






Lots of funny shaped hotdogs. I decided I like the thought of eating a hotdog but will avoid actually eating one at all costs. It just doesn’t feel good in my tummy.







The weather went from warm and muggy to clear and cold. And back again. Now we’re in the freezing zone. I’m hoping we get to see snow at least once this winter.






Lots of mugs of warm drinks. Mostly coffee. And my favorite new headband. Seriously, I ordered 2 more for myself after my bff got me this one for Christmas. It’s a BIC band. They don’t slip, don’t damage your hair, and they’re for a great cause.






Also, did you know wearing cardigans backwards is a thing now? The toddler may be onto something…

It really has been a great week. I’m just pooped. And I really did want to be in bed 8 minutes ago. But I’m at the in-laws and shouldn’t be antisocial. Plus, they have an awesome fire going, so I’ll go enjoy that for a bit with some crocheting… 🙂

‘ello from Vancouver

We arrived in Vancouver late Sunday night and for the first time, there was no familiar face waiting by the wooden statues to pick us up. We walked to our rental car (finally) and drove back to our old neighborhood, talking about past memories and pointing in shock at 50 homes that stood on what was an open field when we left in August.

It has been weird being here. It feels more like home than Raleigh. I think because we work from home and travel so much on weekends, we haven’t really established a routine. We don’t have “something” to miss while being away. (I mean, obviously we miss Lola. But that’s different.)

Anyway, I stopped in at my former go-to grocery store.

It’s still the same. 🙂 Except for this new “product” that caught my eye…

I thought about buying some. But’s nearly $10 for a tiny bag. No thanks. I’d rather be bent over and forced to spend way too much money on stretchy fabric that reminds me that I’m not an athlete. (See Lulu reference below.)

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who was a student when I worked at SFU. We had sushi, of course. I think I’ll only be eating sushi in BC. It’s just so good here.

We also got to meet our good friends’ baby, Asher. 🙂 Look at that FACE!

It’s just so squishable!

I also got to do a little shopping (thanks Lulu, there goes went most of my Christmas money) and meeting up with other friends… no pictures from those. I was also seriously starting to miss my gym! …maybe that’s why I don’t work out anymore! 😉

One thing I don’t miss about this place, the rain. I debated bringing my rain boots. Definitely should have. Wet jeans/feet is the worst. Looks like I’ll be staying inside to  hang out as much as possible. 🙂

this is my life…

As crazy as my life has been these last few… weeks? I was going to say days, but it’s definitely been longer. Anyway, regardless of how crazy it’s been, I am still so happy to be here. 🙂 And this is my life now…

Yesterday, warm and muggy as it was, felt more like August than December. But last night, Bri-gimp and I sat on the couch watching our shows, listening to the wind and rain and occasionally scolding Lola (whose new favorite place is under the Christmas tree) while I worked on a little crochet project.

And in case you were wondering what a tree embedded into the wall à la Fringe looks like, here it is. Hopefully you’ll flatter me and say, “I can’t even tell it’s just half of a tree!” I tried to make it look somewhat normal… but it’s definitely just half of a tree.

Tonight will be my last Norwex party of the year. I have loved this job so far! I can’t wait to have a team and for people to not look at me like I’m speaking French when I tell them who I work for! 🙂 But I’m also looking forward to having a few weeks where I know I’ll have the evenings to myself.

Well, there is laundry to be folded and general tidying to be tidied. So I’m going to paint my nails. 🙂