Borrowing this from Ginna. 🙂

I’m currently…

Watching…The Big Bang Theory. I hadn’t seen it in a few days and genuinely missed them. I feel like Howard, Leonard, Raj, and Sheldon are my friends. Such a funny show.

Enjoying… Pilates! I’m not doing it right this second, but I’m getting up early tomorrow morning for a class and am going to sign up to get my certification to become an instructor soon! I’ve done yoga but I feel like Pilates has done more for me — I actually see my muscles toning and feel like I’m getting stronger. (I’m also enjoying my hammock.)IMG_4898
Planning… our “Spring Break” trip next week. We’re headed to VA to spend the week with the Fowlers. I’m taking advantage of having my mom-in-law at home all week and taking my sewing machine with the hopes of tailoring some pants that I’ve had forever but haven’t loved. We’ll see how it goes. I’m afraid they look better in my head than in real life…

Excited for… My Norwex job! I have loved it so far, but I feel like I’m really seeing growth, getting recruits, making changes, just getting better and learning more all around. Love it!

Cooking… Most recently: pan-grilled garlic steak with carrots and peppers. 4-5 times in the last week: kettle corn, and banana chocolate almond milk “milk shakes.”

Pinning… shirt, pants, print, my true love.

Inspired by… this book by A. W. Tozer. I read it in college, again during our first year of marriage, and pulled it off the shelf once more this week. (It’s only $0.99 for the Kindle edition!) It is small and unimposing in size, but the depth of wisdom found within requires me to read and re-read sentences until I feel like I’m somewhat close to grasping the concept. Here’s one such nugget that I’ve highlighted/asterisk’d 3 times now:

Speaking of God Incomprehensible: ‘Faith is an organ of knowledge, and love an organ of experience.’

Remembering… John Piper‘s sermon at our church this weekend. Specifically his enthusiastic proclamation that he would gladly abandon his faith if you could show him a better offer and his description of our joy found through Christ which is boundless in height and will never end.

So what are you up to currently?

wish list

Since I got started with Pinterest, I haven’t really done any wish list posts. …so if you want to buy me lots of presents you can go check out my boards. 😉 But take note, there is also a board of things that I have pinned and received.

Today I came upon this item that doesn’t really fit in any of my boards but I didn’t want to forget about it or “loose” it. So here is one more item for my ever-growing wish list. 🙂

updated walls/Pinterest Challenge

So I just thought I’d show you what I’ve done with the items I got at the flea market a few weeks ago. 🙂 I’ve been Pinspired!

Here are two of the windows over our couch. I’m hoping it makes our Ikea furniture look a little less Swedish.

And here are the Pepsi crate and blue mason jar on top of our bookcase. It’s to the left of the couch, it’s probably one of the first things you see when you walk in. I had that big white vase on top of our kitchen cabinets but needed something to add height above the shelves. I love our vaulted ceilings, but it makes decorating kind of tricky. To add even more height, I stuck a few sprigs of sakuras and pussy willow in the vase.

The only problem is they cast a pretty creepy shadow…

See… It almost looks like a monster.

And this is where the third window and gears ended up. It’s kind of like a combination of a collage wall and window-wall of the many that I’ve seen on Pinterest. The plate was a gift from a friend who visited Morocco. The black frame is from another picture which is now hanging in a new frame in the bathroom. I picked up the F (and two B’s) at a kitschy chic shop on Vancouver Island. The photograph is one of my favorites (but is over a year old!) in a frame that I re-finished this week. Here’s a close up:

The original frame was brownish with flowers on the inner border. I rubbed some lotion on it (for lack of Vaseline), spray painted it off-white, rubbed some more lotion on it, aiming for the nooks and crannies, and spray painted it Tiffany’s blue. Once it was all dried, I took an old towel and scrubbed reasonably hard. The paint didn’t stick well where the lotion was and rubbed right off. And it smelled nice. 🙂 The picture is one I just stuck to some scrapbook paper. Kind of reminds me of this pin from this site.

I also re-painted this frame:

It’s the same color as the one above, just in a different light. I didn’t do any weathering to it, just left it neat and clean. I took a postcard-sized painting that my friend brought me from Paris and stuck it to some lovely scrapbook paper. I like the contrast of the pinks and blues in the frame, backing paper, and painting.

There you go! I was wondering if I’d have this post done in time to take part in Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge. Looks like I did!

I do love switching things up and keeping my home feeling fresh and fab. 😉

Ok, so…

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks. I’ve worked every day since the 6th and it just hit me that I won’t get a day off until the 22nd. Literally. But I’ve actually really enjoyed the last week and a half. I’ve been babysitting for the toddler and we had our AIA Winter Retreat over the weekend. I love all three of my jobs. 🙂 It also just hit me that I have three jobs. How come I still can’t afford the iPad? 😉

A few weeks ago my bro came to hang out with us. We went to YoPop (per usual) and he got one of every flavor. And ate it all.

The next day we hung out with our AIA buddies and watched the Super Bowl. You probably could guess that I didn’t give a flying flip about the football. Just the commercials. And the baby. I just want to squeeze her!


Confession: I’ve been watching a lot of Gossip Girl. It’s so bad. But so good. I just love the fashion. And how come our uniforms were actually uniforms and they just wear whatever the heck they want to school?

Anyway, hanging out with the toddler has been fun. Especially the outfits.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Why didn’t I ever think to eat with a fork in one had and a spoon in the other? It makes eating yogurt and macaroni & cheese so much easier.

I’ve also been jogging to the park with the toddler. Somehow she knows when I take the long way there. And at some point she inevitably picks up crap and throws it. (Not literal crap. I’m a better babysitter than that.) After this photo I had to comb through her curls to dig out the pieces. And still found some on the couch later.

Ah, don’t you love those curls?

I was way more excited about Valentine’s day this year than I have been since 3rd grade. I’m not sure why. I just wanted to make fun treats and paint my nails red. So the toddler and I made some pink cookie sandwiches and some rice krispies treats.







The word “treats” is always spoken by the toddler in a reverent whisper. I learned last week that her dad gives her a “special treat” on Sundays to keep her quiet during church. I tried to ask her questions about it to figure out what it was. All she said was it’s sticky. Turns out it’s a ring pop.

I painted her nails yesterday. She loved it. I was shocked that she sat still long enough to let them dry. And to take this picture.

I had a pretty good Valentine’s day myself. 🙂 B-money perused my Pinterest and got me a ring I pinned.

Love it! We’re going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I’m looking forward to him being able to drive and to having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

I pinned it AND made it.

Yesterday I mentioned that my house was stinky. That inspired me to make something I had pinned a while ago on pinterest. Enter: homemade air freshener! It was super cheap to make and is chemical-free!

Here is the line-up:

  • 1/2 C boiling water
  • 1/2 C cold water
  • 2 packets gelatin
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • essential oils (I chose orange.)
  • glass jar with lid that can hold 1 C
  • food coloring (optional)
  • 30 Rock, Season 2 Ep. 9, Ludachristmas playing in the background (also optional)

At first I wasn’t going to dye the gel, but I figured colored gel would look better than a ghostly white (read: I don’t want it to match my legs). So I dug out my colorant alimentaire. No? Oh that’s right, we don’t speak French here. Se habla español.

Then I remembered I forgot the salt. {Sad side note: This should’ve been measured in my beautiful ceramic measuring spoon from Anthropologie but sadly, the 1 tbsp was destroyed by the garburator. 😦 And the cherry on top of the sundae of death is that you can no longer buy them. 😦 :(}

After the water comes to a boil, add 2 packets of gelatin and 1 tablespoon of salt, stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Add 1/2 C cold water. Because my pot is black, I poured my mixture into a Pyrex cup so I could see the colors I was making. This is 20 drops yellow + 1 drop red. I could watch the drips dance all night…

Here’s the color I ended up with.

I looked through my jar collection (I may have a problem…) and decided to use this one.

After dissolving the gelatin and salt and adding your colors, pour the liquid into your jar(s), then add your essential oils. I think I counted about 30 drops. I don’t know, at first they wouldn’t come out and then all of a sudden it was dripping faster than I could count and I got stressed. Anyway, I decided not to use the tea tree oil because as soon as I opened it, the smell reminded me of being sick. I’ll stick to using it for health remedies rather than an air freshener.

At this point, I realized I forgot the salt again. I noticed that the oils were floating to the top and thought maybe the salt was supposed to help disperse them…? Can you see the little oil beads floating?

So I dumped in the salt, closed the lid, and shook it until it all looked dissolved. As it began to set, it grew more and more opaque.

This morning, when we opened it, it smelled wonderful! (Don’t refrigerate it, btw. It will set up on its own.) Even Hungry Man said it smelled good enough to eat.

Isn’t it pretty (minus the bug)? I kind of like it in the sunlight. 🙂 And the total cost of the project was $1.75 for the packet of gelatin! I had everything else!

…now that the holidays are upon us (WalMart was playing Christmas music yesterday!!! And I was again informed that I’m not allowed to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.) I’m getting all sorts of ideas for scents around the house and gifts. We’ll see though, we’ll see. One pin at a time.


These little babies came in the mail today! A wonderful surprise from my wonderful husband!