decorations and memories

[Warning: this post is a little bit on the sentimental side.]

I put up our wee Christmas tree today. 🙂 That always makes me happy. I listened to Christmas music the whole time, singing along and feeling like this weather is way too warm to be appropriate. We are getting our full-sized tree on Friday, so I’ll be sure to carry on the annual tradition of watching Elf over and over until everything is decorated.

This is probably the most expensively decorated tree we’ve ever had. You see, I’ve found myself feeling more nostalgic lately and so I decided to decorate the wee tree with the collection of Reed & Baron silver crosses that Brian’s Granny and Pa gave to us years ago. And some plastic snowflakes from IKEA. I love the irony. 😉

I’ll be honest with you. When Granny gave us this collection on our wedding day, all I wanted to do was get out of my dress and get on the road so we could get on with our honeymoon plans. So standing in my parents’ foyer, me in my dress and Bri Bond in his tux, listening to my new grandmother-in-law talk about who knows what wasn’t the highlight of my day. I’m still not sure how they beat us home… But looking back on it, I’m so glad she made me stand there and open it in front of her, making sure I understood the value of this gift. Pa has since gone to be with Jesus. As has one of my grandpas. And watching our remaining grandparents decline with age is sad. But I want to preserve our families’ memories, just like Granny did for us.

As I was going through the ornaments, I read the letter that Granny and Pa wrote as well as a few of the descriptions that came with each silver ornament.

They are each modeled after crosses from various cathedrals, monuments, and other architectural structures around the world. And if you’re wondering how I’m going to know which one’s which after taking them all out of their boxes, someone at Reed & Barton had me in mind!

Each ornament is stamped on the back with the year it was created. Granny had them well organized and labeled, most still in their original boxes.

…and then I started playing with my camera! I can’t believe I haven’t taken it out in over a month. Up next, some fun with apertures!