mid-week update

My friend Carrie always does a weekend update (a la SNL). It’s a good idea but no longer the weekend. So here’s my mid-week update.

*New juice recipe is up: Fresh & Fruity Juice (seriously good.)*

Last week we headed to SC to visit my bff and her family. They have two beautiful kids now. It’s weird to think about the days when Little B didn’t exist.

And how about that bridge? I got to spend some time hanging out with Little T, too.

Sleeping babies are the best.

I wish I could’ve recorded the sounds he was making. 🙂

After a quick trip to SC, we headed to CLT to visit CCC(D). She cooked an amazing dinner for us. After she whipped out her onion goggles from the utensil drawer, of course.

She also cooked up a mountain of waffles for brunch on Saturday.

My brother was there, she must’ve known that he is a black hole and eats everything in sight. Except for the “sticks” in the pineapple.

Before she made breakfast, though, we hit up the local farm market. It made me miss my juicer.

I am totally that girl who wants to travel with her juicer.

We made it back home as storms blew through and brought winter back. No, winter. Go away. You had your chance. It’s OVER.

(In recent news, I’ve started watching Portlandia. Spot on.)

my favorite kind of day

This has been one of my favorite kinds of days. I woke up to overcast skies and enjoyed a cup of coffee in my sweatshirt. We made some aMAHzing orange juice and had muffins made with The Basic pulp. I started a project, finished up another project, and am about to start 6 more projects. The sun has burned away the morning grays and there’s a crisp, cool breeze. A line from one of my favorite hymns has been playing through my mind…

Today is also one of those days where I’ve found myself thinking about this day over the past 6 years. Good Friday. The last 6 years, we spent time with our church contemplating Christ’s death and burial. It was a day off from work. Eventually it became a day where we spent time with friends, though that was after a few years of building relationships. One or two of the past 6 Good Fridays were sunny and I remember feeling cheerful because the day meant spring and summer were coming. Which meant there would be more sun.

But some of the Good Fridays were cold and gray like this morning. My mood was somber and reflective. And this same line wound around in my mind.

As wounds which mar the chosen One bring many sons to glory.

And I will spend some more time reflecting and resting.

I rarely publish a post without any pictures, so forgive me this once. 🙂


Brian and I decided to get a juicer to aid in our attempts to live a healthier lifestyle (which miraculously includes me running outside 4 days/week). We found this guy for a good price on Amazon.

We have loved it! Especially since my usually-picky-eater of a husband has been adventurous with me in trying various types of produce. Also, I should say, a membership to BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s, local farm co-op, etc. is essential. As is a good juicing reference like this book that I added to my cart. I’m such a sucker for the impulse buys… but this one paid off. And it has pretty pictures.

I am starting new pages in my blog here to keep track of our favorite juices. So here is our most common juice, I call it The Basic. I actually like the slight flavor addition of cucumber and pepper. And here is our favorite dessert juice, Apple Pie.

We’ve experimented with kale, pineapple, oranges, berries, and more. I’ll add our favorites here. If you have any faves, do share!

I’m off to make some muffins with my pulp!