1. I am wearing my saggy butt sweat pants and loving it. Bri-son Kressley hates them. [Hi Brian!]

2. I don’t hate Justin Bieber any more.

3. As soon as I got home from dropping Bribri off at the airport yesterday, I came home and watched Never Say Never. And teared up.

4. At that Ginna girl’s place last night we listened to the Beeb’s Pandora station. And I liked it.

5. I like getting up early. By early, I mean before 6:00. I get so much done before 8:00am!

6. I like Justin Bieber. =-O

musical thoughts that may surprise you

I believe that I have an internal, subconscious juke box. For the past few weeks I have been waking up singing a song. I wasn’t dreaming it. I was singing it in my head. It’s ranged from Hillsong to Chris Tomlin to Kristene Mueller. The last two mornings, however, it has been Lady Gaga. :-/ Perhaps I’m not listening to enough Christian music. I don’t know. But why oh why did I wake up with the line, “You’re beautiful in your way, God makes no mistakes. You’re on the right track baby, you were born this way,” going through my head? And why do I know them now without having to look them up!? Oh mercy. That just goes to show the power of the subconscious. I haven’t listened to that song since Friday when it came on while I was on the tread mill (4 miles! What what!). Bless her heart, if you haven’t seen Lady G’s full video, don’t. I’ll spare you the details but there is a birth (or two) and some gross dancing/dog pile-esque writhing. I usually change the channel when songs come on with videos that gross me out. You can include in that Miley Cyrus’s Can’t be Tamed and a few other shameless rap videos. But that is par for the rap song course.


I’m feeling quite pent up right now and am seriously considering running outside (dun dun DUN!). I hate running outside. I suck at it. Maybe I’ll just go clean some more and try to wear myself out that way. Where is all this energy coming from?! And how can I make it come back between 5:00 and 6:00 tonight when I’ll have to make dinner?!


Also, on a (big) side note, I don’t hate Justin Beiber any more. Don’t judge!!! At least I’m being honest. I still think it’s ri-gosh-darn-diculous how I can’t seem to live a day without hearing/seeing/being slapped in the face with him. But I’ve had some fun while listening to “the baby song” and I think you’ll understand why. My best friend, Tracey’s little girl (we’ll call her ‘Little B’) has been dancing to it, including some booty shaking, and it’s just too cute to hate. We have skype dates about once or twice a week and I’m usually graced with Little B’s presence. Often Little B will comb my hair or share her snacks through the computer monitor with me. I’ve even been inoculated with what I assume was an anti-cooties medication. But the highlight is always the dancing. I usually join in. I don’t know if Tracey is dancing, the camera is conveniently pointing away from her towards Little B. But between Little B’s spaztic dance moves and the lag in the camera’s image across time and space, the end product is quite funny. Perhaps some day I can capture it and share it with you. But I must warn you, it doesn’t last very long as Little B strongly dislikes it when “the boy” starts rapping. Tracey says apparently Little B doesn’t like Ludacris. I think it’s funny that she doesn’t call JBeeb a boy.


There you have it. My random thoughts for the week. Feel free to leave your feedback below. 😉