all over

Well, I don’t know about you, but we had a pretty busy weekend. We drove from one end of NC to the other and into SC. My grandmother has been having health issues lately and has gone to live with my parents. So on our way to Spartanburg, SC, Bribri and I picked up my grandma’s mail in Forest City, after I set off her house alarm of course.

Saturday I spent most of the day at my best friend’s church’s Holiday Fair running a Norwex booth. It’s slow going here as no one has heard of it. Or their only frame of reference for microfiber is what you can buy at Rite Aid. But you gotta start somewhere!

Sunday we got to go to church with my bff and have a good ol Southern Baptist lunch. Seriously, they fed their entire congregation and visitors, nearly 2,000 peeps, a Thanksgiving meal. And they had the best sweet tea… watch out Bojangle’s. Then we made our way north to Charlotte and hung out with my oldest friend and her new husband. CCC (I know, it’s CCD now, but she’ll always be CCC) and I have been friends since before I can remember. She invited several of our ASU friends over for a taco dinner and it was so sweet to see them all again! It’s still kind of weird to be able to hang out with people from high school or college.

On our way back to the Rah-town we stopped and visited my family really quickly. And somehow left with 3 grapefruits, 3 lemons, a tin of cookies, and a partridge in a pear tree. Just kidding. But seriously, if you go to my parents’ house, you can’t leave there without eating or drinking something. If you want an egg and cheese sandwich at midnight, my dad will make it for you. Or maybe you just finished eating lunch, doesn’t matter, he’ll make you a frozen pizza!

Almost forgot, whilst in the car, listening to the Christmas Pandora station (Brian-approved! yay!) I downloaded a fun app…

is it supper or dinner?

Being at my Grandma’s this weekend, I also learned that they don’t use the word lunch as often as the rest of the world. There’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. I always get confused, but I believe they use dinner to refer to lunch on Sundays. And when inquiring as to the type of food you would like to have at the next meal, one might be asked, “What’s your taster tuned to?

You also may be greeted with a common phrase (to which I forgot my standard reply), “Whatcha know good?” Uhhhm… “Aw, nothin’. You?

Anyway, in honor of my southern roots, I decided to make a good semi-homecooked meal. Plus I had all the ingredients.

Crockpot BBQ Chicken. Find the recipe here. I used a bottle of Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale because I had some in the fridge. It was delicious. But it confirmed that I do not care for the smell of beer. Did you know that dark ales, stouts, or what have you are good sources of iron? The darker the better, as I always say.

Cornbread in Grandma’s cornbread skillet. I used Jiffy’s cornbread mix and added a sprinkling of garlic powder and paprika to the batter. I also added a handful of frozen corn because I like the little surprises of sweet, corny goodness. And Jiffy’s is only 50 cents a box! Can’t beat that with a stick! {I added my Jazzed Up Jiffy recipe to the Recipes page, click “Recipes” above.}

Note: your cornbread should be made in a round skillet. Said skillet should be reserved only for making cornbread as cooking anything else in it may ‘rurn‘ it. Translation: ruin.

Baked beans from a can, but I added a little brown sugar.

Mmm. Pickled beets. I’ve been craving these and since I don’t know how to make them, yet, I just bought some. Nearly as good as Gma’s.

We were happy!

...from our date night a few weeks ago.

subtitles, please.

Have you ever wished certain people came equipped with subtitles? Maybe you couldn’t understand them because you’re in another country or because their first language isn’t English. Well, I’ve been in Rutherford, NC for the past few days and have wished I had a virtual subtitle projection machine. R’s are taken out of some words, sprinkled into others, and you just have to hope you can discern at least 80% of the sentence that was just spoken in order to keep up with the conversation. Or just nod and smile.

That’s another thing. Even when people are complaining, like my friend Michelle astutely noticed, they are using positive terms and smiling.

I’ll give you a few examples that I’ve heard these past few days (and wish that I could share some pictures of the mullets and general “fashion” we’ve come upon.

We were in the drive through at Bojangle’s for lunch, along with all of the good Southern Baptists in their suits and dresses whose preachers had obviously talked for way too long, and decided to get back in the car and go through the drive through because of said crowd. Usually the customer has difficulty understanding the voice coming through the box, but not today. Today our ‘waitress’ could not understand my brother and took a few “cajun filet combo” repetitions.

Geneva becomes Genever.

Hollow becomes Hollar.

“Bless her heart, she’s uglier than sin.”

“Well I’ll be John Brown.” Sometimes “had a little indian” is added to the end of that sentence. I’m pretty sure it’s a racist remark and definitely not pc.

Also, I have noticed, visiting is very important. At least 3 times, people have been over for a visit, stood up to leave, and were still chatting, their hand on the open door, 15 minutes later. So when I do that to you, you know where I get it.