still cold

It’s still cold outside. And inside. We are sitting on the couch under my down comforter listening to Lola go crazy in her cage. Seriously, she’s being super loud.

The other day I finally upgraded my iPhone and MacBook OS’s so I’m feeling like a frontrunner in 21st century technology. It only took about 6 hours, but I got it done without much hassel. There are quite a few changes. Some I like, some I will grow to like. Now, when scrolling on my lappy, up is down and down is up. And there are many new gestures for navigating in and around the programs. I used to swipe 3 fingers to the left to go back in my web browser. But now I have to hit the delete button, or worse, go click on the back button.

Also, I’m kind of freaked out by how wicked smaht the webcam is. The updated version of photobooth has some new effects that follow you around and only distort your face. It’s pretty crazy.

A new feature of iOS 5 that I really like is the status bar update center. Rather than having to go find whatever application just made a noise, all of the alerts are collected together in a menu that you access by dragging down the bar across the top.

Incidentally, I also learned how to take a screenshot on my iPhone. (While holding down the power button on the top right, double click the menu button. The pic will be stored in your camera roll.) There are also a few aesthetic changes here and there including the color of text messages. If you are texting with someone who is not using iOS 5, it’s green. If your texting partner is running iOS 5, it is a nice shade of Carolina Blue. Example below: Brian is green and I’m white.

No, Brian didn’t really type that. I did. He’s in the process of trying to upgrade his iOS. It’s proving to be a daunting task on his 35 lb windows machine.

Another feature I’m looking forward to using is iCloud. Apple has finally gotten with the times and is making use of the proverbial cloud. Of course, you only get 5GB free. After that you have to pay. But I like the fact that pictures, music, and documents can be synced wirelessly (apparently that’s not a word) and will make much use of it.

Also, for those of us who google reader users who never visit the actual blog page any more, I thought I’d let you know I did some sprucing up and basically changed the entire thing. You can go check it out whenever you find the time. 🙂

72* and sunny

I am LOVING this fall weather. It’s crisp in the mornings and evenings but warm, perfectly warm in the afternoons. I am working on my back porch and am comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. I love it! 😀


Also, I love my new hair stylist. I was freaking out at the thought of trying to find a new hairstylist after we moved. Dentists and doctors will come and go, but finding a good hairstylist is forever. Her name is Laura and I think she’s my new bff. No, jk. But we do get along well. Plus, the salon is called blo. Risque, I know. I was intimidated to even walk in there. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it filled with happy, talkative workers who don’t look at you through their nose, normal music was playing, and the wash stations have massaging chairs! What up!?

I got 3-4 inches cut off today. I know, can you believe it?