HL Girls’ Weekend

I think we’re all going to write a post about this past weekend. Here’s mine. 🙂


This past weekend a group of us who have been good friends since childhood met up in a tiny mountain town of NC. Carrie, Ginna, Lucy, Allison, Michelle and myself (and Michelle’s awesome pets) hung out on the porch and enjoyed autumn’s arrival. We ate good food, sipped good wine, and chewed the fat. I really like that even though we didn’t have a movie night or a game night it was still super fun. At the height of the crazy excitement, I Skyped Birdman from my iPhone. He and Ginna’s hubs, El Jefe, were watching a movie and loved the interruption. I’m sure it took them a little bit to actually understand what we were all saying. His response was something along the lines of “It was just a giggle fest over there.” In fact, at dinner on Sunday night Broman and El Jefe asked Ginna and me if all we did was giggle. Ginna promptly responded, “Actually we just sat quietly in a room for a couple of hours without talking.” Bazinga.


Anyway, pictures are always better than rambles so here are some of my (many) favorites from the weekend. 🙂 And there’s a video at the end you’re not gonna want to miss.


And then Lucy went crazy with the remote…

In the corn maze, looking at the map.

Looking at the map again.

Here's how we see the map...

We were not impressed.

Finally made it out of the corn maze and enjoyed a hay ride.

On the hay ride. 🙂

In downtown Sparta.

The trees were changing already!

Trip, Michelle's three-legged cat, is probably my favorite feline. I kind of want to see him and Lola play together.


Bella (the dog) loves to be loved.

Ginna, Lucy and I stopped in Mt. Airy on the way home.

We enjoyed some greasy diner food.

And Oreo Cakesters! The love of my life.