the Remedy

I’m having a blue day today. Tears come easily. Hope feels just out of reach. The grey weather isn’t helping.

It’s easy to look around and compare my life with others’; to feel like things aren’t fair and be frustrated. I shouldn’t do that. But God knows what my heart needs and he provides.

I need a reminder that I am not here to follow my own plan, but for God’s glory.

The Kelley family has been that reminder. What a beautiful example they are, sacrificing so much, walking through such pain, keeping their eyes focused to the Lord and in turn, helping direct our eyes to the Lord. I don’t even know them, but their story has impacted me so much.

I don’t usually get so serious on here, but I felt like I needed to share. Whatever crap I’m going through right now has been nothing compared to theirs. Aaron and Steph, thank you for your example of how to lead a family through such a trial, of how to walk through the fire trusting that you will not be consumed, and how to keep the faith. His strength has been made perfect in your weakness.

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