I’ve been meaning to sit down and write for months now. Seriously, months. As I’ve pondered this whole blogging thing, I’ve asked myself why I want to blog. People have different reasons, but for me, it comes down to chronicling my life. There are so many funny, crazy, overwhelming things that happen that I want to remember.

So I’m back.

Since we last met, quite a bit has happened. But I’ll just give you the highlights. (That’s not a promise to be short, just that I’m leaving out lots.)

We moved to a new apartment. Not stressful at all. :/ Who knew it could be 85* at the end of October?

We moved to a new apartment. Not stressful at all. :/ Who knew it could be 85* at the end of October?

We did the Color Run 5K in Charlotte! It was SO fun. Everyone needs to do it at some point.

We did the Color Run 5K in Charlotte! It was SO fun. Everyone needs to do it at some point.

My brother and sister were there along with a bunch of our friends.

My brother and sister were there along with a bunch of our friends.

Seriously, so fun.

Seriously, so fun.

I did a photo shoot for my cute nephews. They already look bigger.

I did a photo shoot for my cute nephews. They already look bigger.


And I did a photo shoot for this cute family.


I got to hang out with some cool kids when my bff came into town for a week.


We celebrated Christmas with lots of these dark chocolate covered peppermint jo jo’s. I loved them so much that I wanted to document them. Don’t judge.


We also celebrated Christmas in style.


I had a merry birthday with a wee party in our new place.


Even my photos got in the spirit of things!


We rang in the New Year with games and friends. 5 hours can fly by when you have Mexican Train.


We finally got some snow. This snow bunny loved it. Don’t let her face fool you.

I got bangs! Maybe you're unaware, but this is a monumental occasion in a woman's life. And apparently they are butt holes when it comes time to grow them out. There's your PSA.

I got bangs! Maybe you’re unaware, but this is a monumental occasion in a woman’s life. And apparently they are butt holes when it comes time to grow them out. There’s your PSA.


We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in Boone and Blowing Rock. We got to play in some snow there, too.


You can never really get the mountains out of your blood. They’re always calling.


We had an AMAZING dinner at the same restaurant, in the same table (!) where we had our first date 9 years ago. I would’ve taken a picture of my ahi tuna steak, creamed kale, and jasmine rice and Brian’s meat loaf with Cheerwine barbecue sauce, creamed potatoes, and asparagus but the lights were too dim. Besides, some memories are best left tucked away in your heart. (I’m talking about the meal. Seriously, so good.)

So there you have it. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. 🙂

it’s friday

(Now that song is in your head. You’re welcome.)

I kept meaning to blog this week but ran out of steam/time everyday. My apologies. We’ve had a full week. I’m going to work my way backwards, if that’s okay with you.

Today I had an awesome run.

It was a 45 mi run: 5 blue, 35 green, 5 blue; plus some extra because I decided to run a loop rather than double back. I’m so unpredictable. I don’t even know what the heck I’m going to do until I get to a corner and have to turn left or right.

But anyway, I had a great run. I feel like running in the morning has been challenging for me, feeling empty if it was a fasting run or feeling heavy/tasting breakfast if I ate something first. Today all I had were 3 Clif Bar shot bloks and a few chugs of water. I didn’t realize it until now, but they have caffeine from green tea (I probably wouldn’t have chosen to use them had I realized it… thought it was just a bunch of sugar). They tasted good and I felt great on my run, probably due in part to them.

I did the 4.8ish mile loop in just under an hour and mostly in the green zone (i.e. slower pace). I’m wondering how tomorrow’s run will compare since it will be half green, half yellow.

I also learned some new things about the miCoach app today! If you love seeing a graph and breaking down your run, I think you should definitely give this app a try. Check out the additional notes (shown for my red zone, available for the others as well):

I ran all the way back up the steep hill, trying to maintain <12:00 mile, which naturally put me in the red zone for over 5 min. But I conquered that beast and still felt good.

Compared to last Friday’s run (slightly longer loop):

I also learned that miCoach keeps track of any songs you play (through your music player, not Pandora)! Brilliant! Not brilliant: Britney Spears feat. the Ying Yang Twins somehow always cycles through. Must remove from playlist.

I also added my new shoes to my list so they’re ready for me when I decide to take them out for a spin.

See that middle box? I made that up, I haven’t run 200 miles on a pair of shoes nicknamed BOOM. Just wanted to show you what your shoe boxes look like if you choose an Adidas brand (vs New Balance and Reebok that I have). Neat.

This week’s runs were pretty good. I think I got sprinkled on by various sprinklers at least thrice. It was nice. We leave one week from today for Panama and Guatemala for 16 days and I highly doubt I’ll be able to run there. So I’m kind of bummed and don’t want to loose any stamina I’ve built up. Just crossing my fingers that our hotel in Guatemala has a decent gym with a treadmill since, being the blonde chick that I am, I will not be running on the street alone in either country.

Yesterday I met my seester at some outlets and enjoyed a hot afternoon walking around shopping.

Wednesday was the Fourth and it was fun! We hung out with some friends, had too many watermelon cookies, ate delicious pasta for dinner, and watched some fireworks in our neighborhood. It was quite good!

Nothing happened Tuesday.

But on Monday I got to meet our new nephew, Mordecai!!!

He’s just a bundle of cuteness. So sweet and content.

Uncle Bribri is a natural.

Seriously. Does it get any cuter? He didn’t cry once.

We also hung out with Mordie’s older brother Malachi.

This little punkin head snuggled up to me while we were watching some educational cartoon that I can’t remember the name of and you probably wouldn’t know. He’s a keeper. 🙂

Since we’re leaving in a week, it’s time for me to start the annual gathering of all things mini or trial-size. New to this year’s lineup (thanks to various germaphobic friends and news segments): a small bottle of mattress cleaner.

Perhaps I’ll do an entire post on how to pack for an international soccer tour for those who don’t play soccer but have to go. No one’s blogged about that before, right?

high fiving a million angels!

I am so stoked right now!

I just signed up to do the Color Run! I am SO EXCITED! I was going to do it regardless of who else was going, but it’s going to be even more spectacular because so many of my friends are doing it! I debated not announcing it on here for fear of it filling up before we could all get signed up. But then I realized that even if all 12 of you signed up right away, there would still be slots left. So have at it. And in case you’re wondering what the Color Run is, check out this video.

I’ve been doing about a 5k every time I’ve gone running lately, but some runs are better than others. This last week or so they’ve been on the slow end. The heat and humidity are really zapping me. I’ve been tempted before, but today was the first day I actually ran through some sprinklers. 😉 When I’m feeling good and still have energy, I like to high five the low-hanging branches of trees as I’m running by.

And pretend that I’m Liz Lemon.

Since I was at my parents’ house on Saturday, I decided to run around the lake that I visited so frequently growing up.

It was perfect weather, nice and cool. And it brought back so many mems. I love this place.

This week I’m looking forward to a “cold front” moving through and snapping the humidity. Now it’s time to start putting my outfit together for the Color Run. I already know what top I’m wearing…

can it be?

Is it really Friday? The past seven days have been a blur.

Last Friday B-muscle and I got up early to go on a long run together. We did 5.26 miles in 1:02:43. It was a green zone run so it was nice and easy. When we got back, we showered up, packed up, and hit the road for Myrtle Beach. On the way down we stopped to meet our new nephew, Moredecai. 🙂

And to hang out with our other nephew, Malachi.

Once we finally got to the beach, it was nearly dark. And actually chilly.

I got up early on Saturday morning to go for a run. (What’s wrong with me?)

It was perfect weather: warm but with a cool breeze. I only saw 2 other runners out, normally around here I see at least 5-6. After lunch the young’uns hit the beach git our game on. Ladder ball is quite possibly the funnest game ever.

We were sad to leave the fam, but it was a good, quick trip.

This week was a hard one physically and emotionally. On Tuesday I had a routine colonoscopy done, which meant prepping for it all day Monday. I debated including this in my blog, but I’m not embarrassed by it and I don’t want you to be either. Don’t let a little embarrassment keep you from having better health.

On Wednesday we found out that a friend from high school had taken his life. It broke my heart. I’ve been in some pretty dark places, deep in depression. I’ve felt alone, just wanted the pain to end. But please, if you’re reading this, know that you’re not alone and there is hope. It may not feel like it, but there is hope.

Over the last year I have turned to running as a source of stress-relief and have found that being outside in the sunshine has done wonders for my spirit. I don’t usually listen to music as I’m running, but the last few days I turned on the Avett Brothers and some old school hymns, just to help in my mental processing. These lyrics were especially heart-piercing.

Make sure my sister knows I loved her
Make sure my mother knows the same
Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name

From Murder In The City. ❤

I have time

So I’m going to blog. This last little bit has been filled with lots of driving. Lots of trips to the Boro and back. Lots of time with family and friends.A few more babies than normal.

Some baked goods. Actually, lots of baked goods. Including fantastic cookies from Catherine.

A couple of trips to Yopop… I can’t quit it!

A finished project. A more elaborate post to come on that one… But now I’m having trouble sticking with a new project. I keep changing my mind and undoing my work. Blargh. Creative slump. Sometimes I just want to knit to knit. Not to have to make any decisions. Just to zone out. Kind of like a good, uninterrupted stare. It’s therapeutic.

Enjoyed spending time with my bunny!

And Bri-pod got his big Transformers boot off today! …which was replaced by a smaller Astronaut boot. But it’s progress nonetheless! 🙂 {Sometimes my humor is missed by the general population. Bri-pod is a play on words in that Brian has had to use crutches and one leg, three points of contact with the ground. A tripod. Not to be confused with the music player you can purchase from Apple.}

My bro is here for a visit. We leave for NoVa day after tomorrow. Then head to the Boro again for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to giving our gifts this year. I feel like the presents we purchased were thought out and will be enjoyed specifically by their recipients. I’m also looking forward to relaxing by a fire… if the weather will allow it. 🙂


Today was a great Thanksgiving day! While I didn’t get to watch the parade, I did get to eat lots of food and enjoy lots of family time. 🙂 The Fowlers left NoVa this morning at 6:30 in order to join us for lunch in the Boro with the Churches.

We had some amazing food. I made some not-so-amazing place cards.

It was seriously good. I filled my plate! I love ham and turkey… and stuffing and green beans and rolls and deviled eggs and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and slaw.
After dinner we ate our fill of desserts including a pumpkin roll (which my dad kept calling a log… not the self esteem booster you would think it would be), apple pie, pumpkin chiffon pie, pumpkin cookies, and a chocolate cake. Oooooo boy! Then we took the party outside and put the rest of the grapes to good use. I.e. threw them across the yard to see who could catch them in their mouths.

And my sister snapped a few pictures for us. 🙂

We Fowlers left once the sun set and made it back to the Rah-town around 7:00. Debbie and I went over to Michael’s to hit up the 30% off sale (yay! LOTS of yarn!) and then Brian and his bro, Jer, braved the crowds to try and find some sweet deals at WalMart. About 15 minutes after they left I got a phone call (I was expecting some sort of call like, “do we want 2 video games or 10?” but this was no such call) and it was announced that they were leaving because there were literally a zillion people there. I don’t blame them. Fingers crossed that sales will still be good tomorrow at a decent hour… and Cyber Monday.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day and ate themselves silly!