bones and paws

I try to take as many opportunities as I can to help the toddler learn about real life. Over the last few weeks, when I’m getting her ready in the morning, she pokes her ribs and tells me she has bones and asks if I have bones. And if Yeyeah has bones. And we talk about body parts (but I have steered our conversations away from the bathing suit area thus far). She wanted to bring all of her lovies downstairs today. So, trying to avoid a tragic accident, I had her throw the soft ones down to me and carry one. The one she carried was this Elmo. [How does this furry red guy make kids so happy?] I told her he does have bones so we weren’t going to throw him.

This morning she lined up all of her lovies on the table as I made breakfast (or brefkist as I now call it). As she ate her bubuhrries and gogurt (blueberries and yogurt) she pointed at her teddy bear and said she was tickling his hand.

Enter said lesson:
Toddler: I touched teddy bear’s hand.
Becca: That’s called a paw. Humans have hands. Bears, dogs, and cats have paws.
T: *blank stare*
B: Boys and girls have hands with thumbs and fingers. Doggies and
kittens have paws.
T: Pahs?
B: Paws.
T: Yeyeah has pahs?
B: Um, not really. She’s just… Kind of…
T: Squishy.
B: Yep, she’s squishy.

The toddler didn’t miss a beat. I got a good chuckle out of it. I also had a good chuckle at lunch (but had to hide it) as she tried to ask me a question with her mouth full of ritz crackers and peanut butter. I had to cover my face because of the projectile food and because I was laughing. I’m working with her on not talking with her mouth full and not dancing on her chair while eating. And not stomping on whatever is on the ground. And not eating things that aren’t food or have been on the ground including but not limited to wood chips at the park, an old goldfish from under the fridge, boogers, play-doh, and old cheese on the carpet. One thing at a time.