Happy Running Day

Today is National Running Day!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) today was a rest day for me. But lots of other people out there are celebrating it, including one of my favorite companies, BIC Bands. They’re offering free standard 1st class shipping all day today with the code Run12. The Skinny Sparkle White and Minnie Sparkle Silver are in regular rotation for me. I love these headbands because they actually stay in place and don’t break my hair. I was using lululemon’s slipless headband for a while but found that it was breaking my hair around my face resulting in the lion mane.

Even though I didn’t officially work out today, the toddler and I still enjoyed a 2 mile stroll around the neighborhood. She was extra charming and struck up a conversation with the garbage men, making sure they were holding on tight as they rode on the back of the truck.We walked through the greenway since the park was wet today and she decided she wanted to push her own stroller. I did not coerce her into it, promise. She even ran most of the way home! (And still wouldn’t go down easily for a nap.)

But before we went for our walk, we wrote a letter to Mickey Mouse like Anna did with her kids that she’s nannying. I also painted the toddler’s nails. Miraculously, we did not end up with pink paint on either of our clothes. I even had time to do a coat of glitter, or sprinkles as she called them.

And if you’re wondering how to paint a toddler’s toenails, this is it. Vice grip one foot between your legs and hold onto the other foot for dear life while saying “don’t move” at least a million times while simultaneously reminding her not to scrape off the freshly painted layer on her fingers.

I’ll leave you with this little anecdote…

As I was changing her diaper, she asked me if I had any booboos. I said no, because I don’t right now, and asked her if she did. She said she did and I asked her where. She put her hands over her chest and said they were little booboos right now but when she got bigger she would have bigger booboos, too (implying that I do).

Well, you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

It’s Friday and I’ll probably go to bed at 8:30.


It’s been a crazy week. Lots of early mornings. Most before 5:30, one before 5:00. Lots of toddler-related things. Including finding the Toddler Pandora station. Love it.

I really like these foam building blocks because they don’t do much damage when they inevitably end up being thrown 90 mph and don’t hurt when you step on them. But to get them all back in their bag you have to have an engineering degree from MIT. No joke.

(It’s a little sad when a 2.5-year-old can almost wear your shoes.)

Everything is wet. Face, nose, hands, feet, neck. Best surprise: when you get a wet high 5.






Lots of funny shaped hotdogs. I decided I like the thought of eating a hotdog but will avoid actually eating one at all costs. It just doesn’t feel good in my tummy.







The weather went from warm and muggy to clear and cold. And back again. Now we’re in the freezing zone. I’m hoping we get to see snow at least once this winter.






Lots of mugs of warm drinks. Mostly coffee. And my favorite new headband. Seriously, I ordered 2 more for myself after my bff got me this one for Christmas. It’s a BIC band. They don’t slip, don’t damage your hair, and they’re for a great cause.






Also, did you know wearing cardigans backwards is a thing now? The toddler may be onto something…

It really has been a great week. I’m just pooped. And I really did want to be in bed 8 minutes ago. But I’m at the in-laws and shouldn’t be antisocial. Plus, they have an awesome fire going, so I’ll go enjoy that for a bit with some crocheting… 🙂