Perhaps addictions is a strong word, but these are things I’m really into.

Knitting and Crocheting

Yes, they’re quite different.  I’ve crocheted for a while now, but I’m just learning how to knit.  I love making things with my hands and I find crocheting (and hopefully soon knitting as well) very relaxing and enjoyable.


I don’t need an excuse for coffee.  Of everything on my list here, this might actually be an addiction.  Albeit an ethical one.


I LOVE TO COOK.  My current favorite recipe blog/site is Pioneer Woman‘s Tasty Kitchen Blog.  (I’ve supplied you with a link to my favorite frosting as well… you’re welcome.)  The Pioneer Woman has tons of recipes and photo stuff too.

Anything Photoshop

I am using Photoshop CS5!

Florabella Photography

Shana at Florabella Photography has created amazing images of flower arrangements (and her little girls).  She uses her own textures and actions to create these amazing looking photos in Photoshop and I’m sure would sell you a print or two.  Seriously, I look around on her site and am amazed.

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