high five for friday

h54f1. I got to hang out with my friend Emily three times in the last week! We lived together for a couple of years in college so it’s been great getting to spend more time with her and our other college buddy, Leslie.

2. Bri-muscle turned 31 on Monday! I love being married to an old man. 😉 He asked if I would go for a jog with him and I couldn’t say no since it was his b-day.

3. Another college buddy. Carrie sent this awesome card (she always does) with one of Bri’s college friends circa 2002. Crazy.

4. I figured out how to use liquid eyeliner! TRIUMPH. I had to raise my eyebrows for you to see the wing. Another reason I love my bangs — they hide my forehead “surprise lines.”

5. Emily and I saw a show choir concert last night at the SAS campus. We were probably the youngest in the audience by about 40 years, but it was fun nonetheless.


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