Favorites for the Lips

Let’s start with a moment of silence for Downton Abbey. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here for those who are still catching up.)


Alright, moving on. A few weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram:

IMG_4488Those all came out of my “lip gloss pocket” in my purse. No wonder it weighs a ton! But I must say that I’ve gotten good use out of each of these lip products, plus a few more. So here are my favorites in order of color-ness. (I didn’t include the reds that I’ve been wearing, found in this post.)


1. I never leave the house without my Burts. Seriously, I have them tucked away all over. My purse, jacket pocket, coffee table, night stand, B-money’s back pack. (No, that last one is not a joke, there is a Burts tucked into the second pocket of his back pack.)

2. Fresh’s Sugar Rose is a great because it has a hint of color and SPF 15. Also, side note, the lid twists off. Let me save you from feeling like a momo (like me) and thinking you’re just not strong enough to get the lid off.

3. I love the smell and formula of Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace in Baby Doll. There isn’t much color, mostly shine and shimmer. But it’s not sticky and doesn’t do that funky clumpy thing on your lips or the corner of your mouth.

4. I LOVE BUTTER LONDON! I have several of their nail polishes and got this lippy in Trout Pout for my b-day. It is quite thick, so there is a reason it’s called liquid lipstick. This is a nice pale pink, more opaque than you would think for a lip gloss, and is a great color for this spring with rosy cheeks and floral prints.

5. This is one of my favorite glosses. It is Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Child. Jessica Alba wore Hourglass lip gloss with her amazing coral dress at the Golden Globes this year. This actually has a little bit of color, but it’s nude and smooth and lasts way longer than most other glosses (so it’s great if your a talker like me). I like this when I just want some shine and not much color. Also, I got a mini size and so didn’t pay out the wazoo for it.

6. Tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint in Hope. I really like this one. It looks kind of purple, but is a very natural color. I think there must be mint in the formula because it is refreshing like Burts. It’s just enough color that no one would know you had it on, but you look put together. Plus no one can tell when it starts to wear off. Keep in mind that it is matte, so you may want a gloss over it.

7. Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin-up Peach. This is another one that Kate at The Small Things Blog shared. It is like a shimmery tinted balm. And I think it’s more pink than peach. This is the one I reach for when I’m in a hurry and can’t find or don’t have time to stand in front of a mirror. It’s also one that still looks good when it’s wearing off.

8. Lastly, the Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Pink Punch. I LOVE THIS. It goes on super smooth and creamy and feels like a step up from Revlon but not quite MAC. I like the pink when I want a good pop of color but red is too much or doesn’t go with what I’m wearing. (How much do I sound like I would be Cher on Clueless?) It does wear off with too much talking, but girls go to the bathroom a lot so just keep it in your pocket and you’re good to go.

Do you have any favorites right now? Are you ready to put some color on your lips?! I challenge you to try some color on your lips this week!


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