The Power of a Red Lipstick

In the last month or so I’ve started wearing colors on my lips. It’s not a completely novel concept, I know. But to me, that area of the beauty department was overwhelming and a little bit scary. Don’t get me wrong, I had lip gloss and chapsticks a plenty, but nothing with substantial color.

Then one night, at my friend’s birthday celebration (at the Melting Pot!), I tried on some red lipstick.


It automatically makes you purse your lips. 😉 No, jk. But I think the best time to try new things like this is with a group of your fun girlfriends so even if you feel like a clown (or a sassy harlot in my case), it doesn’t matter. This was a MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in a dark pink/red color. I liked it.

Then a little while later I started reading The Small Things Blog and Kate had quite a few helpful posts about lipstick so I felt a little less silly going to the drug store and buying one. I ended up going to Walgreens with my husband (who did not need much convincing that I should buy some red lipstick after this picture) and got two Revlon shades, the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic and the Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red.

I got home and put on the lipstick. So. much. color! It is creamy and a little bit goes a long way. For my everyday look, I definitely don’t swipe it on, but rather dab it and rub it in until I get the amount of color I want.

I feel like wearing some color on my lips just makes my face look more alive. Not that I’m going to be cast as a walker on the Walking Dead anytime soon, but I realize just how much they blend in with my face when I don’t have anything on them. This is my daytime look with the lipstick.


I don’t feel over-done. Imagine my face without any color on my lips, I think you’d barely be able to tell I was smiling. While at first I thought this color was a little too orange for me, I gave it some time and decided I like it. Maybe I’ll get more of a blue-red soon. (Any recommendations? If so, what’s the price range?) The lip stain was also a good amount of color, but not nearly as pigmented as the lipstick. I think if you’re looking for something with color, go with the lipstick. You can use as much or as little as you want. Also, the stain dries out over time.

Another great reason to have a colored lipstick in your purse, photographs. Even if you’re not taking family portraits, I bet you’re taking pictures several times a week! (Hello, Instagram.) And if your lips were colored, I bet your pretty face would be in more of those pictures. Even if you’re feeling frumpy and don’t love the way you look but want to document the occasion, you can fake creativity and give it a black and white filter.


Red lips look great in black and white.

An important thing I learned, though, exfoliate your lips a bit before you put on a richly colored lipstick. I usually just take a damp wash cloth and scrub away. That way your color goes on smoothly and your lips will just look nicer and you won’t be like me, trying to figure out if it’s leftover damage from your braces 10 years ago.

Honestly, if you don’t have a go-to lipstick or at least a tinted lip gloss or lip balm, get yourself some! All I’ve been thinking lately is, why didn’t I try this sooner?

I have a few other favorite balms, stains, and glosses that I’ve been using lately, not quite so bright, I’ll do another post on them.


7 thoughts on “The Power of a Red Lipstick

  1. Lucky. I can’t wear it in the day time, because my yellow teeth are more noticeable. Also, Jake’s sister, Kelsey, has the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Romantic (a red) and it is awesome! I have Sephora’s Color 18 – All You Need Is Red, a coral red. It’s a great color for this spring!

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