grocery challenge

This week I have given myself a challenge: Spend as little as possible on food and groceries.

Actually, it started as: Don’t spend any money on food this week.

But we have a weekly social gathering at Moe’s with our Bible study, so that blew the plan from the get-go. Since kids (i.e. me) eat for free, we’ll let it slide. Also, I was really craving oj this week — some mornings I just want water, but sometimes I need juice. So instead of the weekly grocery bill being the usual $80-$130 (depending on the week), it was $4.26 because I bought 2 cans of frozen oj concentrate.

Based on my current fridge and pantry contents, here’s the meal plan I came up with for the week:

As you can see, we won’t be eating super fancy, but it won’t be like Oliver Twist either. I had a good amount of staples so even if we change our minds here or there, we can swing it.

I don’t know exactly why I decided challenge myself with this; maybe to help the monthly budget, maybe to clean out the pantry, maybe just to see if we could do it. If you want to try it with me, let me know! …maybe it’s time for you to use that can of pumpkin that has been in the pantry since last fall. Or that jar of pesto that’s close to expiring. Just sayin.


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