ProCompression socks deal

So I know I haven’t been posting about it, but I’ve still been running my 1/2 marathon training plan pretty consistently. I did take a week off here and there for vacations and trips. But I’ve kept up the longer distance runs and built my way up to about 6.5 miles. I’m loving that I can run for over an hour and still feel good, but I think I’m going to switch to a plan that will help me run faster.

One of my favorite ways to recover after a long run (besides a yummy chocolate protein shake) has been wearing compression socks. They compress in the right areas and keep the blood flowing so you can recover faster. I don’t wear them while I’m running, but I know long-distance runners swear by them. And they’re great for anyone who is on their feet a lot, flying, or just wants to keep the blood moving in their lower legs.

Anyway, ProCompression is having a sale on their Marathon Socks! Thanks to SkinnyRunner, use the code GARMIN at checkout and get 40% off plus free shipping.

I have this pair of orange socks and love them. Anytime you can find compression socks for $30 or less, it’s a good deal. And if you buy a pair with that code, you’re also entered to win the Garmin 10.

Next I want a pair of compression shorts. You know, to help the hammies be strong and stable.

Sometimes I feel like a wet noodle when I run.


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