home again

well, for now.

we got back from central america on saturday night and spent the evening with friends while a tremendous storm blew through. it was a great segue back into “life”. i’m going to have to order some more pages for my passport soon. i think there is one more quadrant on a random page that is free. six years of travels! sheesh.

i had to work in winston and greensboro monday and tuesday so we just got back from that quick trip this afternoon. and we leave for the beach on holidays with the in-laws on saturday.

i officially have an ear infection. memories of my elementary school days are flooding back. i even remember being held down on a table by at least 4 doctors and nurses while they attempted to remove the tubes from my ears. the papoose was not strong enough for me.

i don’t think my house has ever been this chaotic with piles of crap everywhere. including the day we moved in. but i’m not even looking at it until tomorrow. i’m am just so tired.

so. tired.

i just need a few nights of solid 8-hour sleeps.

and maybe a nap or two each day. by the pool.


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