can it be?

Is it really Friday? The past seven days have been a blur.

Last Friday B-muscle and I got up early to go on a long run together. We did 5.26 miles in 1:02:43. It was a green zone run so it was nice and easy. When we got back, we showered up, packed up, and hit the road for Myrtle Beach. On the way down we stopped to meet our new nephew, Moredecai. 🙂

And to hang out with our other nephew, Malachi.

Once we finally got to the beach, it was nearly dark. And actually chilly.

I got up early on Saturday morning to go for a run. (What’s wrong with me?)

It was perfect weather: warm but with a cool breeze. I only saw 2 other runners out, normally around here I see at least 5-6. After lunch the young’uns hit the beach git our game on. Ladder ball is quite possibly the funnest game ever.

We were sad to leave the fam, but it was a good, quick trip.

This week was a hard one physically and emotionally. On Tuesday I had a routine colonoscopy done, which meant prepping for it all day Monday. I debated including this in my blog, but I’m not embarrassed by it and I don’t want you to be either. Don’t let a little embarrassment keep you from having better health.

On Wednesday we found out that a friend from high school had taken his life. It broke my heart. I’ve been in some pretty dark places, deep in depression. I’ve felt alone, just wanted the pain to end. But please, if you’re reading this, know that you’re not alone and there is hope. It may not feel like it, but there is hope.

Over the last year I have turned to running as a source of stress-relief and have found that being outside in the sunshine has done wonders for my spirit. I don’t usually listen to music as I’m running, but the last few days I turned on the Avett Brothers and some old school hymns, just to help in my mental processing. These lyrics were especially heart-piercing.

Make sure my sister knows I loved her
Make sure my mother knows the same
Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name

From Murder In The City. ❤

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