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Today was my day off from exercising and I’m kind of glad. I felt pretty crummy last night and this morning, so I don’t think I would’ve run very well today. After a nice lunch with my madre, I got lots done around here, including two different projects! I am on a roll with the projects lately.

Project 1: homemade deodorant.

I had all of the ingredients and had been meaning to make it for quite some time. Today was the day. I’ve read lots of variations of recipes and decided to go with this one at One Green Planet. It uses less corn starch and baking soda, both of which apparently have caused skin irritations for other people. I have quite sensitive skin, especially in the underarms, so this formula seemed like the best fit for me. My only variation was to add 5 drops of tea tree oil — enough for some bacteria fighting power but not enough to be overwhelming in smell.

I’ve been using coconut oil lately, anyway, as a deodorant/anti-chafing before I run, so it’s probably good that I don’t have to stick my fingers in the jar anymore.

Usually coconut oil is quit firm, but since it’s been so warm here, mine came out of the jar and mixed up quite easily, no need to melt it. It did get a little messy, but came together surprisingly quickly.

Briguy came in at this point and thought I was just doing the coconut-as-deodorant thing again. When I explained that I was actually making my own deodorant, he gave me the sideways/arched eyebrow/eye roll and called me a hippie under his breath. Check!

I thought it looked a lot like icing… but resisted the urge to lick it. I even added another small scoop of coconut oil to help it firm up.

I decided to store it in a small jar and apply it with my fingers. I’ve been using a crystal deodorant for a while now, which has worked just fine. But I can’t apply it unless I’ve just bathed because the crystal absorbs the smell from your armpits. Enter the need for another deodorant that I can apply in between showers.

I applied it as soon as I was done in the kitchen, still smells fresh! (I may or may not have made Bribri smell me…) I like the smell, but the texture was grainier than I was expecting. Just be gentle when applying it unless you want some exfoliation every time.

On to Project 2! Handmade father’s day cards:

This combined my love of taping and painting. It was really easy, but not the quickest process. I cut letters out of washi tape and applied them to some water color paper that I simply folded in half to create a card. I also applied a strip of tape just past the fold to give me a nice clean edge.

I pressed the letters down all over, making sure there were no loose edges, and painted over everything with the colors I had chosen. After the paper was dry, I peeled the letters off and voila!

My final touch was to add a wee foil heart in the corner.

They’re no Hoops & Yoyo cards, but I think they’ll do the trick. And here’s to dads who are off the grid so there’s no worry of them seeing it before Sunday! 😉

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