the weekend, part 1

A lot went down this weekend. Here’s the first half.

Friday night we hung out with our neighb’s for El Jefe’s birthday. The boys played FIFA while Ginna did some magazine sorting (more enjoyable than it sounds) and I did some crafting.

I’ve been using a process I learned in 2nd grade art class and have gotten a few questions about it. So here’s another break down. I printed out some lyrics 10″x10″ (over two pages taped together) to be used on a 12″x12″ canvas. You can see how I scribbled with pencil on the back of the words, first. I then lined up the lyrics, centered them on the canvas and taped it into place. Then I traced the outline of the letters, pressing firmly with a ballpoint pen, transferring the words to the canvas. I don’t think I’ll ever trace this many words again… it just took forever.

Here’s how it looks without the paper, partially painted.

And after one coat of paint.

In between coats of paint, I added the final touch to my country paintings, some love. ❤

I was going to use gold paint, but there was come crazy warning on the packaging that said it included an ingredient known in California to cause cancer. So, instead, I used Martha Stewart’s foil transfer sheets and loved how it turned out.

Saturday morning I got up (fairly) early for my run.

Clearly the heart rate monitor wasn’t working properly… unless I have some magical ability to maintain a 152bpm while jogging.

It was a beautiful morning, warm but not muggy.

Ginna, Julie, and I went to the pool in the afternoon… along with all the drunkards in our apartment complex. 😉

After church on Saturday we celebrated El Jefe’s birthday again with lots more friends. Then we had some amazing cake at the after party!


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