happy thursday

Today was my last day with the toddler for a while. She was extra good this week… which meant we were due for some meltdowns. Including screaming her lungs out (not in a good way) while we were on the trail this morning. But at least she looked cute doing it. 😉

I would love that shirt and those shorts. I often ask her if I can borrow her clothes, she says no. Understandably.

Today’s run was an easy one: 5 min blue, 20 min green, 5 min blue.

The thick gray line is my heart rate. That deep valley in the green was when we spotted some deer on the trail and watched them for a minute. Later, when the toddler was so upset and screaming, I managed to calm her by telling her that she was scaring all the deer away. But then she got upset again when I couldn’t magically make more deer appear for her.

We enjoyed some time on the swings after the run. Aren’t her curls great? 🙂

As soon as I got home, I knocked out my strength training. These were two of my favorite moves from the sesh:

This is a good one, stretches the outer hips nicely. And yes, I was listening to My Humps by BEP.

For those lacking in physical grace and general balance, this one might be tough. I had to really take my time.

After my workout, B-lover surprised me with a date night.

Noodles & Co.! I love Izze sodas. The sparkling peach got me excited for the South Carolina peaches that I will be enjoying alllllll summer long. 🙂

What date is complete without a dessert?

Dark chocolate almond cluster for him, rocky road cluster for her. Plus four more goodies in the bag. 😉

We’ve gotten into a new show lately, The Killing. We’re nearly done with season 2 and still don’t know who killed Rosie Larsen. So we’re off to find out some more about this killing…


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