Work it out

I didn’t have to run today, but it was the first day that I used the strength plan on the micoach app. And I’m in love.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do everything — either not knowing the moves or not having the equipment to do it.

Well, I set my Pandora station to Lecrae and when I turned on the micoach app, this is what I saw:


A little video of an avatar showing me the exact motions. Technology, I tell ya. It was also just the right amount of exercises; warm ups, movement preparations, and stretches throughout.


And the strength training portion was quick and painless. It called for dumbbells and a bench. All I had were the dumbbells, but I made it work.


After you complete the exercise, you check it off (a highlight for a to-do-list-maker like me) and it moves you to the next one. Check. Done.


I only worked out for about 26 min, including time for me to run and check on my yams (for dinner).

I’m seriously loving this app. It does everything but actually workout for me. They should be charging for this gem.


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