Since my last post…

We drove to Canada and back.

It was a pleasant drive, spread out over 2 days.

In case you were wondering what it looks like to drive across the border…

We stayed with friends in Ottawa during National Training Camp. Basically I just hung out and helped where needed. My favorite job title.

We got to hang out and catch up with so many awesome people.

We also hung out downtown and explored parliament and the market.

So many of the buildings look like castles. This was the CRA (Canadian IRS); impressive.

I’d love these windows in my kitchen some day. This is probably just some dude’s office.

The drive home was nice, too. Did you know 1000 Islands isn’t just a salad dressing/the special sauce on the Big Mac?

I’m wishing I’d bought one of these bobble-hand queenies for my “office.” I found them at Chapters (Canadian Barnes & Noble) where I found my awesome mug. (No photo. You can find it on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram.)

When we got home, I finally put up some curtains in our east-facing bedroom. I was so tired of the flipping sun waking me up at an ungodly hour every day. These helped.

And finally, my garden is growing! I left the bigger box with my mom-in-law to care for while we traveled and just crossed my fingers and left the other two near the edge of the balcony so they could hopefully get some water if it rained. Each of these plants were started as seeds a while back. I’m glad I don’t have to provide all of our produce; I’d need a much bigger yard (say, 20 acres or so) and some gloves.


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