my thoughts on Peeta *SPOILER ALERT*

I’m going to give you my opinions on Peeta Mellark here (which, btw, have changed drastically) so if you haven’t finished the Hunger Games trilogy, stop reading this. Go read the books. (B-money, that especially means you.) (Seriously, babe, stop reading.)

I read the Hunger Games series a couple of years ago after a friend recommended it (I believe it was required reading for some of her students in her WA school). At first, as I started reading, I hated it. But I couldn’t put it down. And about halfway through the first book I was hooked. Something about the first person perspective threw me off and I didn’t want to vicariously experience the unfairness that Katniss and her district had to suffer through.

Since the movie came out, I’ve made the most of our many 4+ hour road trips and have been reading them out loud to Brian; we’ve just finished Catching Fire and will finish Mockingjay before we reach home next week. After seeing the movie and as I’ve been reading them again, my opinions (and mental pictures) have changed.

I really do. When I finished the final book and learned that Katniss ends up with Peeta, I felt gipped. I felt like it was a cheap, safe, cushioned way to end the books. But as I’ve read the books again knowing the ending, I love seeing how much Peeta loves Katniss (which makes the majority of Mockingjay that much more unbearable). I love that he loves her first. I love that he gives of himself unconditionally.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a tall, dark, handsome type like Gale. And the natural contrast of that (for me, anyway) is small, pale, and sheepish (enter Peeta, take 1). But as I am reading through each scenario again (take 2) and am realizing Peeta is bigger and stronger than I pictured, I am falling more in love with the idea of him. She looks up at him, reaches up to hug and kiss him, he carries her physically and emotionally. He is what we all want (maybe we = women): someone that comes after us, loves us regardless, carries our burdens, someone that is crazy in love with us and would fight to the death for us.

And someone that can bake a mean cupcake. No? Just me?

While I don’t love that they cast Josh Hutcherson as Peeta (too small, in stature and thickness/strength/stoutness), I think he did a decent job of portraying the emotional strength and love for Katniss. But I won’t get into my thoughts on the movie… whole other post.

If you’ve only read through the books once, I’d recommend giving them a second go. Especially knowing what you know.

So I guess I’m Team Peeta.


5 thoughts on “my thoughts on Peeta *SPOILER ALERT*

  1. I was so disappointed with Hutcherson. He acted as well as he could given his script, but his size just didn’t cut it, and I think they robbed him of some moments that could have helped us forget that. Silly screenwriters.

  2. Do you think that they did a good job of portraying Peeta in the film? Interested to hear your thoughts on the movie!

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