babies are a good reason to party

This past weekend was busy but great. I worked Friday night in Greensboro doing a Norwex show and had a baby shower for one of my dearest friends.

It was the cutest shower I’ve been to, no detail was over-looked. And there were no gross or embarrassing games.

Pom poms everywhere! Allison worked hard making all of these decorations!

I made a pink drink which looked presh in some mason jars with paper straws.

Just a few of the peonies that were fresh from Dorothy’s garden.

The mom-to-be! There was so much pink and so many ruffles!

Um, I barely held it together reading this… gah the emotions were overflowing that day.

I love these girls. 🙂

And these man-ladies.

I couldn’t leave this picture out. Petals is such a sweetie. And I love Ginna’s new haircut!

For more and prettier pictures of the set-up, food, and guests, check out Carrie’s and Allison’s blogs.

I crashed as soon as I got home on Saturday night and spent the day Sunday cleaning and packing for our trip. Since I’ve watched season 1 of Downton Abbey about 6 times now, I’ve moved on to season 2. Love it!

These will be my traveling friends for the next two weeks or so. We’re on our way to Ottawa (driving: via VA and PA). We’ll be spending the week with our Canadian AIA buddies. I’m really excited. We always stay with our family friends (rather than in the dorms) and I love them. Even though it’s a chaotic week ending in a 24-hour sports marathon, we always leave feeling refreshed.


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