the day i ran 4 miles on purpose

I never thought I would get to this point in my life.

Do you remember back in September when I accidentally ran 4.5 miles?

I’m kind of proud to say that, today, I ran 4 miles on purpose. I was following my coach‘s instructions (it’s Reggie Bush, in case you were wondering), then the scheduled run was finished and I was still a little under a mile from home. So after a brief cool down, I picked up the pace again and headed home and just kept running.

There’s this big hill by our apartment and I swear, somehow I run uphill both ways coming and going. But seriously, the entire way home from the end of my scheduled run was up the giant hill. Exhibit A:

The first valley in the purple is heading down the big hill, then up another and into the golf course that I ran around. The squiggly line is supposed to be my speed… looks like I need to work on consistency. Anyway, at the 30:00 mark, Reggie announced that I was done. I was heading back towards the big hill, but decided to jog as far as I could and head for home. Some how, I made it halfway up, then all the way up, then past my usual turn and just kept running. And I think I could’ve kept running but I felt like I shouldn’t push my luck. Plus, once the heavy stiffness was worked out of my legs, I actually enjoyed it! Bah!

As for this elusive “runner’s high” that I’ve heard so much about, can someone please tell me where to find that? Does it come after the dry heaves but before the heart failure? And what does it feel like? Like you just don’t care about the pain? Or is it more like numbness so you just keep going?

Anyway, I made it home and up the stairs and my legs didn’t feel too much like jello. Although my face definitely matched my jacket.

I made sure to stretch as I was drinking my recovery drink. And I’ll probably do more later. I am finding that the days that I work really hard, I feel really gross and get a bad headache within 4-5 hours. So I’m trying to be better about refueling and stretching… Does anyone else deal with that? Just me?

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambles. 🙂


5 thoughts on “the day i ran 4 miles on purpose

  1. it happens probably no less than an hour of running…your body floods with endorphins and you just feel good all over 🙂 also, yes, i struggle mainly with giant headaches after running, and that’s why i never run during the day when it’s extra hot. boo! try not using headbands (i know, annoying…but you could use bobby pins?), braiding your hair and tying it at the ends (so it doesn’t pull your hair like it does in a pony tail), and/or wearing a non-racer-back sports bra, so the straps don’t rest on your trapezius muscles. those little tricks have shaved some decibals from my headaches 🙂

  2. women run the moving comfort world 🙂 -no pun intended!- also…moving comfort shares heritage with Brooks! a lovely company itself.

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