my favorite kind of day

This has been one of my favorite kinds of days. I woke up to overcast skies and enjoyed a cup of coffee in my sweatshirt. We made some aMAHzing orange juice and had muffins made with The Basic pulp. I started a project, finished up another project, and am about to start 6 more projects. The sun has burned away the morning grays and there’s a crisp, cool breeze. A line from one of my favorite hymns has been playing through my mind…

Today is also one of those days where I’ve found myself thinking about this day over the past 6 years. Good Friday. The last 6 years, we spent time with our church contemplating Christ’s death and burial. It was a day off from work. Eventually it became a day where we spent time with friends, though that was after a few years of building relationships. One or two of the past 6 Good Fridays were sunny and I remember feeling cheerful because the day meant spring and summer were coming. Which meant there would be more sun.

But some of the Good Fridays were cold and gray like this morning. My mood was somber and reflective. And this same line wound around in my mind.

As wounds which mar the chosen One bring many sons to glory.

And I will spend some more time reflecting and resting.

I rarely publish a post without any pictures, so forgive me this once. 🙂


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