1. I am wearing my saggy butt sweat pants and loving it. Bri-son Kressley hates them. [Hi Brian!]

2. I don’t hate Justin Bieber any more.

3. As soon as I got home from dropping Bribri off at the airport yesterday, I came home and watched Never Say Never. And teared up.

4. At that Ginna girl’s place last night we listened to the Beeb’s Pandora station. And I liked it.

5. I like getting up early. By early, I mean before 6:00. I get so much done before 8:00am!

6. I like Justin Bieber. =-O

4 thoughts on “confessions.

  1. Lol about all the Justin Bieber confessions in this post. I confess . . . I saw Never Say Never the director’s cut in 3D in theatres. Lol

  2. Well, I can’t say that I’m really a fashion expert, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about those pants ;). And I hope you get all this Justice beaver support out of your system before I get home.

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