new hobby

I have a new hobby. πŸ™‚


These are some of the beauties I picked up on my two trips to the antique shop. Yes, I went twice to the same store. But with two totally different sets of friends. I picked up three windows at $9 a pop; half the price you would normally pay. I think the windows will become over-the-couch statement pieces. I had originally thought that I would use them to make a headboard of sorts. But I’m not 100% sure I want them hanging over my head to potentially fall and smash my face in the night.

I also picked up this blue mason jar and old Pepsi crate. I have a thing for jars. Of all the pieces, that’s where I probably should’ve haggled down the price, but I’m a sucker for jars. I think I paid $12 for it. It’s worth more because it has the original tin lid.

I also have a thing for insulators. They remind me of my childhood. I had a neighbor friend whose parents used them as door stops. They also had lots of old glass marbles and a giant trampoline dug into the ground so you could run straight onto it. I needed a door stop and I thought nothing else would work (except for Bri-muscle’s purple 5 lb dumbbell, but that is just not cute). I got a pretty aqua one and a clear one for $12 total.

If you can ever find a purple one, snag it. They are the most valuable. The different colors were created when various chemicals were added and reacted with solar or some other form of radiation. Purple insulators were manufactured mostly in Germany so when WWI started, we (‘Mericans) said “Nein danke.

And to round out my purchases, I adopted these “antique gears” for $5 each. I thought they would be cute in some sort of wall collage with my mini barn star and love spoon. Also, jw, do you really need to label something “antique” if you’re selling it at an antique store? Just sayin.

***This just in: It has been confirmed by her 9:00 lights-out policy and endless evenings spent knitting in a rocking chair, Becca has officially become an old lady.***


9 thoughts on “new hobby

  1. Oh, I crochet and my bed time isn’t until 10… does that mean I’m still in my prime?

    Insulator guru, what else can I do with them? My husband has three turqoise ones that he refuses to get rid of, so they just sit strangely on our windowsill. Any insulator insight would be much appreciated!

    • Hmm, insulator guru, I like that name. πŸ˜‰

      I’d say they’re mostly used as paper weights or as pretty nick knacks. But I think putting a battery-powered tea light underneath them would be really cute, especially with the turquoise ones. Maybe on the counter in a guest bathroom so it’s not so dark? πŸ™‚

      And you’re definitely not past your prime. They don’t make you turn in your youth card until they find you bundled up under blankets when it’s 74 degrees in the room.

  2. You are my favorite! And I love EVERY one of these pieces. And suddenly I want to go antiquing. Especially if I can start collecting insulators too. So cool!

  3. Don’t feel bad, I have a thing for the blue ones too…They’re hard to come by, especially with the original lid, so do what you go to do to get it home. Quality thrift/antique stores are one of the places I miss the most! They don’t really exist in Hawaii.

    • I started to feel bad for you about not having antique stores, but then I remembered you live in Hawaii. πŸ˜‰ But maybe you should start one! You’re good at that stuff!!!

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