I saw snow!

In my last post I mentioned that I had yet to see any snow this winter and really wanted to. Well, my wish came true! πŸ™‚On Friday night we arrived at my in-laws just before the wintery weather started. As we drove the 4+ hours, we watched the temperature fall from a mild 58* to a chilly 30*. We got bored around hour 3, so we turned our Pandora Radio to the Movie Soundtracks station and played “Guess the Movie”. I got a few right. But most were either too dull to hear or too generic. We arrived in time for Brian to join his family in a rousing game of Carcassonne. I did not join in on the excitement because my brain was mush. Plus, what’s better than crocheting beside a fire and watching futbol when it’s sub-freezing?By 10:00 I officially threw in the towel and headed up to bed. I looked out the window and noticed some white sparkly stuff falling from the sky and squealed to myself. When I opened said window, I could smell it. And hear it. It was definitely snowing! Around 1:00am I texted Brian because he was no where to be found (still in the basement playing Carcassonne). As soon as he returned he said something about flashing lights and a car fire. I didn’t fully understand and had to clarify the next morning. Apparently a car in their neighbor’s driveway spontaneously combusted and reached the out-of-control level quite quickly. I heard none of this. I must have been quite tired. πŸ˜‰ I heard his mom describe the location where they live as “Dead Man’s Curve” and it’s quite fitting, unfortunately. Over their decades in that house, many people have had crazy car accidents in their yard. I’ve witnessed half a dozen myself. But thankfully I was able to sleep through Friday night’s debacle. We spent Saturday the way Saturdays were meant to be spent. We sat in the basement by the fire watching TV and playing games/crocheting/chilling. I enjoyed myself immensely. On Sunday afternoon I had a Norwex show to do (the reason for our visit). The show went well and I especially enjoyed the location of the party. The house was tucked back behind a state park and faced the Patomac River. From their house you could even see across to the opposite shore, Maryland’s coast. I never would have guessed it was back there. Secluded, but still close to civilization.We got back late last night, avoided more wintery weather, and I started my busy, busy week today at 4:45am. Yep, there’s one of those in the morning, too.

As tired as I am, I do enjoy being busy. And I don’t mind the early mornings. I just miss my 8 hours of sleep. πŸ˜‰

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