I have time

So I’m going to blog. This last little bit has been filled with lots of driving. Lots of trips to the Boro and back. Lots of time with family and friends.A few more babies than normal.

Some baked goods. Actually, lots of baked goods. Including fantastic cookies from Catherine.

A couple of trips to Yopop… I can’t quit it!

A finished project. A more elaborate post to come on that one… But now I’m having trouble sticking with a new project. I keep changing my mind and undoing my work. Blargh. Creative slump. Sometimes I just want to knit to knit. Not to have to make any decisions. Just to zone out. Kind of like a good, uninterrupted stare. It’s therapeutic.

Enjoyed spending time with my bunny!

And Bri-pod got his big Transformers boot off today! …which was replaced by a smaller Astronaut boot. But it’s progress nonetheless! 🙂 {Sometimes my humor is missed by the general population. Bri-pod is a play on words in that Brian has had to use crutches and one leg, three points of contact with the ground. A tripod. Not to be confused with the music player you can purchase from Apple.}

My bro is here for a visit. We leave for NoVa day after tomorrow. Then head to the Boro again for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to giving our gifts this year. I feel like the presents we purchased were thought out and will be enjoyed specifically by their recipients. I’m also looking forward to relaxing by a fire… if the weather will allow it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I have time

  1. Bri-pod! Lol. By the way, just got back from a quick dinner with Renee, Amanda, & Mindy — we missed you and everyone says “hi!”

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