Today was a great Thanksgiving day! While I didn’t get to watch the parade, I did get to eat lots of food and enjoy lots of family time. 🙂 The Fowlers left NoVa this morning at 6:30 in order to join us for lunch in the Boro with the Churches.

We had some amazing food. I made some not-so-amazing place cards.

It was seriously good. I filled my plate! I love ham and turkey… and stuffing and green beans and rolls and deviled eggs and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and slaw.
After dinner we ate our fill of desserts including a pumpkin roll (which my dad kept calling a log… not the self esteem booster you would think it would be), apple pie, pumpkin chiffon pie, pumpkin cookies, and a chocolate cake. Oooooo boy! Then we took the party outside and put the rest of the grapes to good use. I.e. threw them across the yard to see who could catch them in their mouths.

And my sister snapped a few pictures for us. 🙂

We Fowlers left once the sun set and made it back to the Rah-town around 7:00. Debbie and I went over to Michael’s to hit up the 30% off sale (yay! LOTS of yarn!) and then Brian and his bro, Jer, braved the crowds to try and find some sweet deals at WalMart. About 15 minutes after they left I got a phone call (I was expecting some sort of call like, “do we want 2 video games or 10?” but this was no such call) and it was announced that they were leaving because there were literally a zillion people there. I don’t blame them. Fingers crossed that sales will still be good tomorrow at a decent hour… and Cyber Monday.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day and ate themselves silly!


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