You guys, my house smelled so bad last night. I made shrimp and salmon and they decided to hang around for a while.

{Side note, I got some big fat NC shrimp, coated them in Newman’s Own ranch dressing, and cooked them in a non-stick pan. It was amazing.}

As I was peeling and de-veining and fileting and other such slimy stuff, the noxious fish fumes were filling my kitchen, living room, bedroom… I think I must’ve become immune to the scent. At one point B-money came into the kitchen and declared that it most definitely smelt like the fish market at Pike’s Place.

Well, at one point, when I walked over to the sink to wash my hands, I smelled a-whole-nother kind of stank. Over the fish smell. I sniffed around (I should’ve wafted like Mrs. Loggins taught us to in chemistry class. Would’ve saved me a few more olfactory receptors.) and finally found the source. …turns out we hadn’t washed our dish rag in a few months.

So today I decided to do an experiment. Rather than throwing it away, I soaked it in some of my laundry detergent for a few hours and then washed it like normal.

Here’s a before shot:

I added 10 cups of water and <1 teaspoon of detergent into a Pyrex dish with the cloth. One hour later this is how it looked.

The grease had released and floated to the surface. And I could put my face close to it without feeling the urge to vomit. In fact, I couldn’t smell anything.

After letting it soak for about 4 hours, I threw it in the wash with some other clothes and a tiny bit of Odor Eliminator for good measure. Here’s an after shot:

I’d say it worked pretty well. I pressed it up against my nose and just smelled cleanness. It’s not bright white anymore, but what is, really? Oh right.

Well, all this stinking got me thinking. I enjoyed leaving the windows open and having candles lit, but there’s something I’ve had in the back of my mind… something I pinned a while ago… And tonight I’m going to make it! đŸ™‚


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