Organize Schmorganize

I slept in this morning. It was lovely. I tried to wake up, I did, but I couldn’t open my eyes for more than 0.2 seconds. So I didn’t! I love working from home… šŸ™‚

Even with the late start, I got quite a bit of work done, including organizing our home office nook.


It’s not terrible… But it could be better. So we went to the Container Store the other day in hopes of finding ways to contain our clutter. What was supposed to be a quick trip of course ended up taking over an hour. But I’d say it was worth it!


My goal was to clear off as much of the horizontal work space as possible. Step one was throwing away as much as possible. I got rid of the wire paper holders and hung wall pockets which house folders for each area of notes and papers that seem to have accumulated on the desk. I also got rid of each of the little cups of sundries and housed them all in a desk tote in the center of the middle shelf. By putting all of the books on the topmost shelf into the milk crate, there is more room around and on top of it to stack other things… like a soccer ball. It also cleared room for my memory board which I was really hoping to display somewhere! It has been sitting in our guest bedroom, lonely, waiting to be a part of our family. I made it a couple of years ago and have used it here to display Canadian memorabilia like our BC licenses, Vacouver Olympics tickets and pins, and photos from our office.

I also like using the black boxes to store items that are necessary, but not for every day use. Those all came from IKEA (purchased before I learned that IKEA uses slave labor) and I like that I can close the lid and not see the jumble of things inside.

My section of this entire space is the left side of the middle shelf — two grey drawers with little wooden boxes on them. And the laptop case next to it. Scout’s honor.

It feels good to get organized!


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