It’s opposite day!

I’m actually sitting inside at the desk.


First thing I did was bash my shin on the shelf underneath.

Next, I stared for a moment. One of those good stares where no one interrupts you.

This is what I was staring at:

Bri-muscle and his buddies from his college soccer days. Oh, that thing? That’s a big-a knife. If you take it out of its scabbard you have to draw blood.

No, really, Brian’s outside and I’m inside. I thought you might not believe me so I was thinking I should take a picture… But how to take a picture without arousing suspicion from the ever-vigilant bird-eyed Fowler…


Pull the computer gingerly off of the desk, mute the camera, and turn it slightly. You only get one shot!

There he is! The elusive Bird of Paradise! Then carefully put your computer back and fix all the cords so you don’t get in trouble later for sitting at the desk.


Also spotted: Mr. Fox! There is a beautiful red fox that roams through our back yard and we’ve only seen him once or twice since we moved in. I saw him a few minutes ago! I, too, have bird eyes.


Two blog posts in one day! What up!?



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