72* and sunny

I am LOVING this fall weather. It’s crisp in the mornings and evenings but warm, perfectly warm in the afternoons. I am working on my back porch and am comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. I love it! šŸ˜€


Also, I love my new hair stylist. I was freaking out at the thought of trying to find a new hairstylist after we moved. Dentists and doctors will come and go, but finding a good hairstylist is forever. Her name is Laura and I think she’s my new bff. No, jk. But we do get along well. Plus, the salon is called blo. Risque, I know. I was intimidated to even walk in there. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it filled with happy, talkative workers who don’t look at you through their nose, normal music was playing, and the wash stations have massaging chairs! What up!?

I got 3-4 inches cut off today. I know, can you believe it?


2 thoughts on “72* and sunny

  1. Your 3-4 inches is inspiring. I’m totally jealous of your bff relationship with your hairstylist. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I do not have such a relationship here…I go home for my haircuts. Anyway…I think I might cut off like, 6 inches. Your hair looks so good!

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