it’s nearly november…


Today I am sitting on our porch with my mums, listening to the squirrels traffic, drinking my decaf coffee with my new favorite creamer, pumpkin spice (thanks, Michelle, for introducing me!), and feeling a bit out of sorts.


Do you ever have those moments when you just want to go out and get stuff done? And I don’t mean running errands, per se. I mean, I want to go out and do what God has lined up for me to do. Yes, I believe that God loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life. I know that phrase has often been used to recruit people to work in missions of some sort. But even though I am not working in full time missions any more, I finally believe that I have found my “thing.” I love working for Norwex. I knew it would be a hard go for a while seeing as no one here has heard of it and not many people my age can justify spending $100 or more on cleaning products. But I feel very passionately about living a healthy lifestyle. I might even label myself “hippie” (and not be ashamed 😉 ).  Anyway, I’m having one of those moments where I just want to go out and conquer it all. I want to have 6 parties booked every week. I want to have a team of people to work with. …I want to hurry up and be there. But as Brian the Charmer reminded me, I need to chill out. I’ve barely been at it a month now.


So perhaps my energy is better spent doing something crafty. Like knitting.

Or maybe I’ll actually go for a run outside today! I have been loving this weather! Cold in the morning but warm by the afternoon. I proclaimed quite loudly in the car yesterday that I LOVE fall! And that got me more excited because fall means that winter is coming! And winter means that Christmas is coming! And I LOOOOOOOOVE all things Christmas!!! AH!


This is not helping my “moment.” I’ve already been told I’m not allowed to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving. Pandora, you better be ready.


Also, if you think my nails look funny in the above picture, it’s because they do.

Power to the people.

No, I did not paint those on. I do not have the attention span for that. They are Sally Hanson Salon Effects. They’re super easy to use, have lasted over a week (which is more than a lifetime on my nails), and I do believe I will be trying others soon. 🙂


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