If you knew any of the people I’ve worked with for the past 5 and a half years, you might begin to think I was starting in on a sermon. Those folks could talk forever about the theology of competition and the integration of faith and sport. While I do find some of it interesting, believe it or not, that’s not what I’m here to share today.


Today, to make your Monday less Monday-ish, I wanted to share another sort of competition with you. Rabbit Hopping to be exact. Check out this video from the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club.

I think my favorites are Coco and Popcorn. And after watching it, if you feel so inclined to join us bunny lovers and buy your very own Netherland Dwarf or Lion Head, I’ll start a club with you! Even if it’s just The Watch Your Rabbit Lick Its Paws And Then Eat Its Poop Club. Because sometimes it seems that that’s about the only thing my rabbit does. 😉

4 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Ya! A Popcorn fan!!
    I just wanted to let you know we just went up to Edmonton yesterday to audition for Canada’s Got Talent!! The bunnies did an amazing job, here’s hoping we make it to the next round!!

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