We are not dead. Brian is reading over my shoulder right now. He wants me to delete that sentence. NO.


We have been in our new apartment for about a week and most of the boxes are gone. I had great help from family, neighbors [yay!], and my bestie and her daughter. There are just a few things we still want to do. But that may always be the case.


I have about a bajillion photos to go through from our trip across the country.  Most of them are from the Provincial/State parks that we visited along the way. My plan is to use this week to get my computer/brain sorted and ready to go for when I start my new job in a few weeks. In the process, I found this video that Brian and I made the night before we packed up the moving van. I had plans to edit it (i.e. shorten it) and post it here right away. Clearly that didn’t happen. But here it is now. Feel free to fast forward if you wish. I’m rambling about random stuff and you probably can’t hear me for some of it… c’est la vie.



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