Google what?

As I was looking through the stats page for my blog I found the list of search terms that led people to my blog. Just thought I’d share a few of them here.

  • rayban hipster glasses [you know how I love the hipsters]
  • woman in a melted chocolate [not sure what I think about this one] [actually, I just decided, don’t like it]
  • hipster hair and glasses [again]
  • she is an orca, benjamin. fyi: they are very difficult to keep in a home aquarium. [at first I was really confused by this one. then I realized it’s a 30 Rock quote. oh tracy.]
  • “living in a hipster paradise”
  • little trays [definitely don’t remember writing about little trays]
  • elf “wanna go get food?”
  • who came up with yogurt in a tube [yeah, who did that?]
  • buddy from elf eating spaghetti and maple syrup [best movie ever]
  • irregardless is not a word [yes! victory!]

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