brain break

Packing update. What else is new. We were gone for a few days this week to Harrison Hot Springs for a conference. LONG days and zero free time. I only went outside because I thought I saw sunshine and we had a few minutes between session and dinner. It was quite difficult to be sitting in the conference room knowing how much we had to do here. But I actually really enjoyed a couple of the sessions and getting to see some of our friends (and saying “See you later” to said friends).


Since we’ve gotten back we’ve flat packed the corner hutch (big job) and I’ve cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and drawers. I hate having an empty kitchen. But my in-laws get here tomorrow night and it’s all down hill from there. Our goal is to be ready to load the truck (happening Monday) tomorrow evening before they get here. And to somehow make room in the spare bedroom for an air mattress for the in-laws to sleep on.


Today we cleaned out our offices and said good-bye to our good friends. We’re really going to miss being around those guys. 😦 We needed a new bunny bag so after the office we spent about 40 minutes trying to find a carrier that is a good size and that will hold Loles’ litter box. (Yes, I meant to write that. It’s a nickname I gave her. I spelled it phonetically for you.) I’ve also cleaned out underneath the bathroom counter. I don’t know how but I always manage to collect loads of lotion, cotton balls, and sundry girly items (not just talking about tampons).


I’m taking a quick brain break while Bribri watches the end of his show. It’s called Flashpoint. It’s a Canadian show filmed in Toronto that is actually really well done. There’s no room on the coffee table (one of the few horizontal areas left standing) so I’m lying on the ground next to the TV. So I won’t be typing much longer as my elbow bones do not have enough padding.

Me and Stevie. And Lola behind us.

Here you can see the Alve and other bookcases flat packed by the one window that gets any light.

I got distracted by the end of show. The big strong men were rescuing the helpless teenage girl.

 If you had to move across the country, how would you pack baskets?

On a side note, we have fallen in love with The Big Bang Theory. You should check it out. It’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen on TV.


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