Well, packing is coming along at a good pace I’d say. I’m taking a brain-break from it now. Everything is down off of the walls. The only structure left to dismantle is our corner hutch unit. Oh, and the table that my computer is sitting on. And the bed frame. Gah. Never mind. But I feel like we’ve gotten a lot packed up. Our closets are empty except for what we are planning to wear for the next month. My kitchen cupboards are quite bare. (I originally spelled it ‘cubbords’ and smirked when firefox told me it was misspelled… I’ve definitely been spelling it that way in my head forever. It’s kind of like the day I learned that those things ninjas use aren’t num chucks, but nun chucks. Num chucks just sounds way cooler.)

Good news, we haven’t gotten into any major fights while having to work together! I don’t know if other couples face “challenges” when having to do big projects together. I’ve already established how differently Broman and I think… now translate that into building things together (or in our case, taking them apart). But I think we’ve done quite well so far. (Have I just jinxed us?) Especially when we double-team the flat-packing of the larger items. We bought some shrink wrap from Uhaul, probably the best (and cheapest) purchase for packing and moving that we’ve made. B-muscle holds the boards together while I wrap them tightly and securely. Now I probably don’t do it the way that he would. But he doesn’t say anything, he just lets me wrap away. I do get the occasional look of “oh boy” when I have trouble tearing it. It’s hard to do without a corner or something to tear against! That junk will stretch like 5 feet before breaking. And I did get the under-the-breath chuckle/head shake when I some how managed to punch myself in the solar plexus. But that was appropriate.

This weekend was filled with good-byes. We had a bon voyage party and said good-bye to quite a few people. It was also our last Sunday at church. 😦 I think I’m going to miss our church most of all. I know that I’ll be back and will get to see people again. And I know that while I will miss my farmer’s market and such, I’ll get to know a new, cheaper market. But our church is awesome. It’s a perfect blend of ages, cultures, and socioeconomic status. It’s been growing like crazy (and not just from babies). There are really cool people there. Our pastor is amazing. He doesn’t just get up and talk, he teaches God’s Word in a way that leaves me feeling like I understood it and am a little bit smarter. He also uses art and photographs and other such things that right-brained people like myself can really relate to. But best of all, no matter what passage he is teaching from, he always answers the question, “Where is the Gospel in all of this?” Yeah, we’re definitely going to miss our church. I teared up when they prayed for us yesterday. They just mentioned us during the weekly congregational prayer, but I felt loved and cared for.

Thanks for listening while I spout out stuff. I am still wondering how I will be doing one week from today. And a few days after that. I think I’ll be distracted (and STOKED to get my iPhone!) but pondering all these things in my heart. (That’s a Luke 2 shout-out to my peeps who were classically trained with me and forced to memorize it every December.) Kind of like right now. I somehow managed to spill my drink from my mouth as I was sipping it. But some of it got on my forehead… Idk. Seriously, I need cameras to follow me around.

For now, it’s back to packing and watching my favorite episode of Gilmore Girls, Season 4 Episode 15: Scene in a Mall. Rory and Lorelai play hookie and go window shopping at the mall where they run into Emily who is storming her way through the stores buying everything in and out of sight.


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