Packing Update

Quick update on those Space Bags that I packed my yarn in yesterday. They’re back to normal. As in, they lost their seal. When I walked by them this morning I noticed they looked fatter. Perhaps I put too much yarn in. Perhaps I over-sucked the bags. Or maybe I didn’t do the zipper up all the way. Deep sighs ensue.

Today I’m packing up bookshelves. I even thought ahead and saved smaller boxes to pack heavy books in. Emptying the bookshelves and taking things off the walls are always the sad parts of moving to me. It’s like you’re undressing the space, leaving it naked, and then someone else comes in and puts up their stylish new hangings and twinkle lights.

Among the gewgaws packed up from my bookshelves were my recipe books. Some were familiar and frequently used. And then there were these gems:

I'm pretty sure I bought this at the height of the no carbs/Atkin's diets of the early 2000's. I remember the cashier looking longingly at the cover while tellin me that potatoes were his enemies.

B-Money is probably wondering why I don't bring this sucker out more often.

Saving the best for last…

Clever cover art.

Like any true Southern Baptist Church there are no fewer than 3 services per week.

The intro page for each section actually has helpful information.

Homemade brownies!

I thought you might enjoy those last 2 recipes. 🙂

I also thought you might enjoy hearing some of the names of the lovely ladies who contributed to this book. Peggy, Pansy, Fran, Nan, Diane, Ethel, Myrtle, Lila, Ella, Glenda, and Delphine.


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