space bag

That sounds like a good comeback… you’re a space bag. Your mom’s a space bag.


Anyway. This afternoon was relaxing (except for the last 30 minutes of the women’s world cup!). B-Money has been sitting around doing stuff, taking it easy trying to get over his cold (that I gave him). I’ve been cleaning and packing. I actually packed a bunch of boxes before we left for tour over a month ago. I’m feeling quite organized, using labels and highliters and making lists on the boxes so I know what’s inside. We even decided to invest in vacuum sealed bags for our clothes and linens. When I checked on the ones I had packed and sealed about a month and a half ago, two of the six had already lost their seal… We bought a set of Space Bags and a set of Mainstays vacuum bags, both purchased at WalMart. I am usually hesitant to buy non-namebrand items. But I must say the Mainstays bags are my favorite. I find their zippers and their seal-to-vacuum nozzles easier to use than the Space Bags and they seem to be holding their seals better.


Today I packed up my yarn. Here are some before and afters:

It’s not as impressive as it looks on tv. But my clothes and yarn should stay dry and bug-free.


Also, yesterday I somehow broke the head off of the pepper grinder… and spilled black peppercorns all over my pasta. And the kitchen. It’s moments like that that make me wish I had a camera crew following me around… a slo-mo replay would’ve been nice. I honestly don’t know how it happened! When Brian asked what/why/how, I just replied that I thought our life could use a little spice. He smiled as he vacuumed up my mess. At least they’re easy to spot, right? The most unfortunate part is that they look like Lola’s poop. And some of them wound up on the carpet in the den (3 feet from the kitchen counter). I tasted them to make sure it was just pepper. jk.


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