first and last

I had lunch today with 3 of my favorite ladies in Vancouver. They were my first friends here. And if I’m honest they’re my first real Asian friends (unless you count Stanley Yuen from elementary school) (and by real I mean ‘real friends’ not ‘real Asians’). We had some fantastically priced and flavored sushi and bubble tea. It seemed appropriate since they were there when I first tried sushi many years ago. And bubble tea! The conversations ran the gamut and I’m pretty sure we could’ve kept going for a few more days.


I know I never really put down roots out here, per se, but the thought of leaving them pulls at my heart. Perhaps the picture I had of me growing roots into Canadian soil wasn’t quite right. Maybe we don’t put down roots at all. If I’m honest, no house has really felt like home since I moved out of my parents’ place. But maybe we don’t actually do the growing of vertical roots, down into the earth. Maybe horizontal roots stretch out to us and wrap around our hearts as we grow with and mutually love those around us. Hm. Perhaps that’s why they say “Home is where the heart is.” It’s not the Canadian soil. It’s the Canadians. And to be honest again, if you had once told me that I would move to Canada and come to love it with a glowing heart, I would have laughed at you.


I haven’t cried yet about moving. I still find myself smiling as I talk about it. Living so close to family and friends will be amazing. And weird. I honestly had a moment of revelation yesterday where I realized I’m going to have to invite my mom and dad over to my our place. Not just once every 5 years. But once a month! I literally thought, “Wait. I’ll have to invite them over to stuff. Weird.” But I’ll be saying goodbye to some really awesome people. I’m thankful for skype and facebook and all that; it’s kept me in touch with the east coast for 5.5 years. But it’s not the same. I guess I’m just wondering when my first set of tears will come.


Well, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. So I won’t end on that note. (And is it just me or is it weird that I was serious for more than one paragraph?) So here’s an oldie but a goodie…

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