My runners were disgusting after our trip to Panama. So naturally I scrubbed them with a toothbrush, sprayed them with some oxy-clean and then tossed them in the washer. They were beautiful and so white they reached glow-in-the-dark status. I had them on for 5 minutes and somehow managed to kick over a grape slushy that was hiding on the sidewalk behind a fern. Purple stickiness from knee to toe. Someone else’s purple stickiness.


A few minutes later I met a super cute bunny named Macchiato. He looks just like Lola but dark brown. And he loves me. 🙂 (Do a google image search for netherland dwarf rabbits. It’ll make your day.)


Also, I let a big fat buzzy fly into my house.


P.S. I updated my blogroll. If you’re looking for a chuckle, may I recommend City Girl Meets Country Boy. My friend worked her butt off for years to become a large animal vet. She married a bovine farmer (and I’m sure he does lots of other stuff too) and moved to a small town in NC. And she’s a really good story teller.


Why am I only inspired to blog once a week?

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