wee update

Remember how I told you I feel like a human juke box sometimes? It’s still true. Today I woke up with Britney Spears’ Til the World Ends. I saw the video while I was running on the treadmill at the gym. So at least I know why it was in my subconscious. You notice what I’m wearin… I’m noticin you starin… Not appropriate, I know.


The most random song that I’ve woken up to lately was Seal’s Kiss From A Rose. Definitely haven’t heard that song played in a long time. Where the heck did it come from? Perhaps it was being pumped softly through the speakers at the grocery store or bank and I didn’t register it until later. We’ll never know.

he's so shiny.

There is a new song that I kind of love. Beyonce’s Run the World. When I first saw her perform it at the Billboard Music Awards, I was kind of scared by the ultra bright lights and army of slutty robot amazons. But I’ve seen the video a few times and it has grown on me. (I don’t remember liking a girl-power anthem since the days of the Spice Girls.) There’s just something about the beat and the lyrics and the powerful-ness of the video that makes me run faster. While she does use some language that I choose not to, I appreciate that she’ll “raise a glass for the college grads.” And I especially like the line, “Boy you know you love how we’re smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.” I won’t post the video here, you can find that for yourself if you so desire.

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